WCCCE 2004

Conference Program

Thursday, May 6, 2004

BCCEC Articulation Meeting (Not part of WCCCE). 
Room: SCI 247/249 

Room: SCI 247/249 

Get-together Dinner at :

Mon Thong Thai Restaurant, 
148-1876 Cooper St, 
Kelowna, BC 


Friday, May 7, 2004

8:30-9:00 am Registration & Coffee (in the hall outside ART 114)
9:00-9:15am Welcome and Opening Remarks  (ART 114)

Bernard Bauer, Dean of Science, OUC
Rick Gee
, Chair WCCCE'04

Paper Session A (ART 114)
Presentation: 25 min, Questions: 5min
Rick Gee, OUC
9:15-9:45am Designing GUI for Computer Novice Users in Higher Education
Lynda Williams and  Saif Zahir, University of Northern British Columbia
9:4510:15am Introducing Design Patterns in the First Year Object-Oriented Programming Course
Andy Law, Kwantlen University College 
10:1510:45am Poster Session I (ART 120)
Coffee Break
Paper Session B (ART 114)
Presentation: 25 min, Questions: 5min
Alan Kennedy, OUC
10:4511:15pm TinyGL: A Graphical Framework for Teaching Object-Oriented Design and Programming
Joseph Fall and Jason Madar, Capilano College
11:1511:45pm Integrating Introductory Discrete Mathematics and Logic Design
Patrice Belleville, University of British Columbia
11:4512:15pm Intricacy of Concurrent Programming
K. Alagarsamy, University of Northern British Columbia
12:15-1:00pm Lunch ( Cafeteria or ART 114) 
1:001:30pm Poster Session II (ART 120)

Stream I (ART 114)
Presentation: 20 min, 
Questions: 5min

Stream II (ART 112)
Presentation: 20 min
Questions: 5min

1:30-3:10pm Paper Session C (ART 114)
Chair: Ian Cavers, UBC
Paper Session D (ART 112)
Chair: Rita Williams, Selkirk College
1:301:55pm Project-centred Multi-course
Yves Lucet and Patricia Lasserre, Okanagan University College
Focus on Women in Computer Science
Mark Hancock, Rhian Davies, Joanna McGrenere, University of British Columbia
1:552:20pm Teaching Software Engineering through Real Projects
Desanka Polajnar and Jernej Polajnar, University of Northern British Columbia
We are not alone: Collaborations, articulations, partnerships and other strange creatures!
Libero Ficocelli and David Gregg, Grande Prairie Regional College
2:20-2:45pm An Exercise on XP with Extended Use Cases
Tong Chun Xu, The King's University College
Nathan Laan, New Media Solutions Inc
Lisa Teigen, The King's University College
A Web-based Pre-Admission Evaluation for Graduate School Application
Charlie Obimbo & Nhi Tonnu, University of Guelph
2:45-3:10pm Demonstrating Incremental System Development with Professional Tools
Jernej Polajnar and Desanka Polajnar, University of Northern British Columbia
On the Concept of Enumerability Of Infinite Sets
Charlie Obimbo, University of Guelph
Paper Session E (ART 114)
Chair: Sarah Stephens, Douglas College
Paper Session F (ART 112)
Chair: Paul Franklin, UCFV
3:20-3:45 Assigning marks to individuals working together to produce 
a joint product as part of a project team

Roelof Brouwer, University College of the Cariboo
Modern Eyes and WineHangOver.com: Evaluating ASP, JSP, and ASP.NET in the Classroom
Randy Connolly, Mount Royal College
3:45-4:10 Bits: a Bayesian Intelligent Tutoring System for Computer Programming
C J Butz, S Hua, R B Maguire, University of Regina
Learning Centre Prototype Deployment - Using .Net Framework
Maryam Shiri, Klaudia Aheepwash, Alan Lee, Abhijit Sen, Kwantlen University College


SceneBeans: A Tool for Constructing Collaborative Multimedia Learning Objects
Jinan Fiaidhi, Sabah Mohammed, Stephan Sisko, Lakehead University
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Form: Using Game Development and Web Services in an Emerging Technology Course
Randy Connolly, Mount Royal College

Closing Remarks ( ART 114)

Ian Cavers & George Tsiknis
Co-Chairs, WCCCE Steering Committee



Posters Displayed at Poster Sessions

bullet MIS Education
Sheilagh Seaton, Okanagan University College
bullet Security Chronicles
Patricia Lasserre, Okanagan University College
bullet Open Source Software
Yves Lucet, Okanagan University College
bullet Chalk Talk: Using blackboard exercises in programming course tutorials
David Casperson, University of Northern British Columbia
bullet Dynamic Content Demo
Lynda Williams, University of Northern British Columbia
bullet Scheduling Assistant: a software engineering project
COSC 319 students, Okanagan University College
bullet Directed studies project
Andrew Tonner, Okanagan University College