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Western Canadian Conference 


Computing Education


Conference Objectives

The Western Canadian Conference on Computing Education is a forum for disseminating information pertaining to the development and delivery of programs and courses in computer science, computer technology, and information systems in general. The conference brings together university and college educators along with industrial partners and government officials who have an interest in the instruction of computer related courses. It is designed for all educators who are involved in the evolution of computing education.

If you are effectively using unique methods to teach a computer related topic, this is the place to share your approach. If you have successfully adopted a new tool or technology in your computer related courses or labs, this is the place to brag about it. If you have developed a tool that improves instruction quality for your courses, this is the place to demonstrate it. Even if you have tried methods or tools in your instruction with little success, we are still eager to hear about it. Your experience will help us all.

The conference is soliciting papers, posters and demonstrations in a wide range of topics including the following:

bulletPost secondary programs and curricula
bulletNew or experimental curricula at any level
bulletTeaching methods or tools for specific concepts or courses
bulletMaterials for specific concepts or courses
bulletGeneral methods and tools for computer related courses
bulletMethods, tools and effective structures of designing and teaching computer labs
bulletApplications for distance and/or distributed learning
bulletMultimedia applications for computer education


WCCCE Steering Committee

Ben Stephenson, University of Calgary <bdstephe@ucalgary.ca>

Donald Acton, (co-chair) The University of British Columbia, Vancouver Campus <acton@cs.ubc.ca>

Diana Cukierman (co-chair), Simon Fraser University <diana@sfu.ca>

Kemi Ola, The University of British Columbia, Vancouver Campus <kemiola@cs.ubc.ca>

Mike Zastre, University of Victoria <zastre@uvic.ca>