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Appendices are generally referenced where relevant from the Statement. Each one is briefly introduced here as well.

On Computation and Democracy

Since 2005, I have taken an interest in computation and democracy, particularly elections and human-computer interaction (HCI), game theory, and security. The presentations below illustrate how I've applied this interest in my teaching and outreach.

On Concept Inventory (CI) Development

In 2011, I began a project to identify key concepts in our Foundations of Computing stream (particularly CPSC 121, CPSC 221, and CPSC 320), find student misconceptions around those concepts, devise a Concept Inventory to assess the concepts sustainably, and begin gathering longitudinal data. The presentation and paper (under review) below give an overview of the work so far.

On CPSC 121

I've taught CPSC 121 more often than any other course and have invested substantial development effort into the course. In this appendix, I include representative materials from one unit (number representation) illustrating my Just-in-Time Teaching approach, a sample agenda from a teaching staff meeting, and a handout illustrating how I've begun adapting CPSC 121 to the new CPSC 110 course.

On CPSC 221

These materials illustrate two major, recent curriculum development efforts I led in CPSC 221: an innovative project in which students design experiments to solve a custom-tailored data structures "mystery" and adaptation of Dan Grossman's parallelism materials to C++ and in-class active learning.

On SIGCSE Leadership

My major educational leadership activity has been my leadership role with the SIGCSE (Computer Science Education) community. Among other roles, I was Program Chair for SIGCSE 2009—responsible for technical content—and Symposium Chair for SIGCSE 2010—responsible for the overall conference. The websites are linked below.

On the Bachelor of CS and Centre for Digital Media (CDM) Collaboration

I am entering my second year (with a break) as Director of the Bachelor of CS program, a second-degree (AKA, "post-baccalaureate") program. A major contribution has been the development of a 6-credit collaborative program with the Center for Digital Media. Two students participated in the pilot in 2013. We anticipate having 5 students in the program in 2014. The 2013 students' team blogs are linked below.

Teaching Evaluations

Teaching evaluations (from both students and peers) are provided separately be the UBC CPSC Department. (Direct link not available in this version, sadly!)


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