JRNL 520M: Special Topics in Contemporary Journalism: Visualization for Journalists, Fall 2015

Instructor: Tamara Munzner
Classes: Tue Sep 15 - Tue Oct 20
Time/Location: Tue 9:30-12:30, Sing Tao Bldg Room 204 104

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Short Weekly Syllabus




  1     9/15 Intro, Marks & Channels; Tableau I (Guest: Kosara)
2   9/22 Tasks & Data, Tables
3   9/29 Color, Spatial Data;
4   10/6 Color (cont); Tableau II (Guest: Kosara)
5   10/13 Facet, Reduce
6   10/20 Rules of Thumb, Networks; Vis in the News  

Detailed Syllabus

Syllabus tentative and subject to change, since this class is an experimental pilot.

Week 1: Intro, Marks & Channels Tue Sep 15
Demo: Tableau I (Guest: Kosara)

Assignment: Lab 1
(credits: Torsten Moeller; Tableau Public)

Slides: pdf, pdf 16up, keynote

Further Reading

Week 2: Tasks & Data, Tables Tue Sep 22
Demo: Data Wrangling (Guest: Kosara)

Assignment: Lab 2
(credits: Robert Kosara; The Guardian; Hanspeter Pfister)

Slides: pdf, pdf 16up, keynote

Demos: Movie Ebb and Flow

Further Reading

Week 3: Colors, Spatial Data Tue Sep 29
Demos: Color

Assignment: Lab 3
Note: lab now revised and due date extended until next Friday Oct 9, so we can continue going through material in class in Week 4!
(credits: Anne Stevens; Maureen Stone)

Slides: pdf, pdf 16up, keynote


Further Reading

Week 4: Color (cont), Tableau II (Recreating News Graphics) Tue Oct 6
Demo: Tableau II (Guest: Kosara)

Assignment: Lab 4
(credits: Robert Kosara)

Slides: pdf, pdf 16up, keynote

Week 5: Manipulate, Facet, Reduce Tue Oct 13
Demo: Text

Assignment: Lab 5
(credits: Johanna Fulda and Matt Brehmer)

Slides: pdf, pdf 16up, keynote


Further Reading

Week 6: Rules of Thumb, Networks Tue Oct 20
Discussion: Viz in the News

Assignment: Lab 6

Slides: pdf, pdf 16up, keynote


Further Reading


Further Reading: VAD

Visualization Analysis and Design, Tamara Munzner (A K Peters Visualization Series, CRC Press, 2014) is further reading for many of the topics covered in lecture. The UBC library has multiple ebook licenses: library catalog page, EZProxy direct link.

To buy your own copy online, it's cheapest to buy directly from the publisher, it's currently listed at US$80 from CRC but I'll give out promo code for 20% off in class so that it's US$64 for you. It's probably fastest delivery from Amazon, it's now US$75 new from amazon.com. It's CD$105 from amazon.ca and CD$107 from chapters.ca. When you buy the hardcover book, you'll get the ebook version for free; you can also buy an ebook-only for less.

Some further readings are research papers available online, links posted above. For digital library access from off-campus, use EZproxy with your CWL login through the UBC library.
EZproxy direct links: IEEE DL, Springer DL, ACM DL, JSTOR

Further Local Resources: VIVA
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