Vis for Journalists Fall 2015 Lab/Assignment 1

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Out: Sep 15 2015, 9pm. Due: Sep 22 2015, 9am

  1. Install Tableau on your own laptop, either with the course license key or by getting individual student license yourself.

  2. Work through Vienna step-by-step tutorial for visualizing two datasets of Chicago crime 2015, US forest fires. Notes:

  3. Work through this step-by-step Tableau Intro Music Sales tutorial. (I have made minor fixes from the original version.)

  4. Download one of these two 1033 Program info datasets directly from Tableau Public using the 'Download Workbook' option, and try making at least three substantive changes to it based on what you saw in Robert's demo and what you've learned from the two previous tutorials:

  5. Browse Tableau Public and pick three vizes that look interesting to play with. For each of them, download the workbook and make at least two substantive changes to try out new features of Tableau that you had not used before.

  6. Submit before class time next week.

  7. Time estimate: this assignment is intended to take no more than 7 hours. If you're done early, download Robert's demo workbook (it's 145MB) and try exploring the Kiva dataset. Note that this workbook will only run under Tableau 9.1, which requires Mac OS 10.9 or greater.

Credits: Part one of this assignment is largely based on Torsten Moeller's Vienna Vis course Assignment 1. Part two is Tableau's intro dataset. Part three is based in part on Robert Kosara's demo. Part four uses Tableau Public.
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