Vis for Journalists Fall 2015 Lab/Assignment 3

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Out: Sep 29 2015, 9am. Due: Oct 6 2015, 9am Out: Oct 1 2015, noon. Due: Oct 9 2015, 5pm



Include a screenshot from the end of each of the two Stevens demos to show that you made it to the end. You are welcome to comment on what you learned, but no reflection for this section is required.

For the datasets where you experimented with color, provide a write-up describing your design choices and your findings.

Note: This assignment is intended to be lighter than the past two, and it will also be weighted less!

Submit a document in PDF format, where your text writeup is illustrated by screenshot images of all of the visualization that you created. An informal style is fine, but correct grammar and spelling are required. Send by email to by 5pm Fri Oct 9, with subject "JOURN Week 3".

Credits: Part one was developed by Anne Stevens of OCAD; part two is based on a lecture/demo at the Tableau Customer Conference 2014 from Maureen Stone.
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