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This course will teach you to analyze and design computer-based visual representations of data, in order to help people perform some task more faster or more effectively. It will emphasize visualization for presentation but will also cover visualization for exploration and enjoyment, since many of the same underlying principles hold in all three cases. It will cover both static and interactive approaches.


There are no prerequisites, and you are not assumed to have a programming background.


The 1.5 credit module will run over six weeks, with one three-hour class each week. There will be six assignments, with each released one week and due the next (except for the last one covering two weeks). You will start on the assignment in the lab, and continue on your own. Core material is covered in the lecture segment of the course and there are no required readings. The standard format for each session is

Grades in the course will be determined by

The lowest of the first five lab marks will be dropped. There will be no final examination in this course.


I expect you to attend class. If you must miss class you should send me email with an explanation; this email should be in advance not after the fact, unless the problem is illness or emergency.

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