Projects, 547-17F: InfoVis

Alexandra Kim and Amon Ge.
CrimeVis: A tool for crime visualization in Vancouver.
Halldor Thorhallsson and Simar Singh.
Visualizing the bias-variance tradeoff.
Haoran Yu and ZiXiao Zhang.
Visualization of Systems Biology Reaction Network.
Hayley Guillou and Theodore Smith.
I Want to Believe: Visualization of Linguistic Features in UFO Sighting Reports.
Jan Pilzer, Shareen Mahmud and Vanessa Putnam.
An Eye-Tracking Visualization Towards Predicting User Distraction.
Jiahong Chen and Siyuan He.
Course Information from The University of British Columbia.
Kaiyuan Li.
Information visualization of various sensor networks.
Michael Barrus.
Investigating multi-species patterns across Fraser River salmon populations.
Peyvand Forouzandeh and Shirlett Hall.
Exploration into Socio-Economic Factors that can Potentially Affect Individual Internet Use Using Visual Analysis.

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