Lecture Schedule

Lectures are Tuesdays and Thursdays, 11am-12:30pm, in MCML 256.

This is only approximate. As they become available there will be links to the slides (both PowerPoint and PDF).

Please note that the "print" script on the CS machines may strip out math fonts from the PDF, so you may want to use "pdf2ps" to manually convert to postscript before printing.

Date Topic Work
September 13 Introduction; particle systems; 1st order time integration (ppt)
September 15 Monotonicity, 2nd order time integration (ppt)
September 20 Mixed time integration, example forces, collisions (ppt)
September 22 More collisions (ppt)
September 27 Geometry (ppt) Assignment 1 due
September 29 More geometry, spring-mass models (ppt)
October 4 Potential energy, bending (ppt)
October 6 Damping, fun with springs (ppt)
Cloth collisions (ppt)
October 11 Cloth collisions, elasticity (ppt)
October 13 (no class)
October 18 Elasticity (ppt)
October 20 Finite elements (ppt)
October 25 More Finite elements (ppt)
October 27 Simplified elasticity (ppt)
November 1 (sick)
November 3 (sick)
November 8 (sick) Final project proposals due
November 10 Inelasticity, fluid mechanics (ppt) Assignment 2 due, final project proposals due
November 15 Viscosity, vorticity, deep ocean waves (ppt)
November 17 Shallow water, discretization (ppt)
November 22 Numerical incompressible flow (ppt)
November 24 Smoke, water, fire (ppt)
November 29 Fire, SPH (ppt)
December 1 Final project presentations Final projects due