There is no assigned text, but I will provide references to useful books, papers, etc. I will assume for basic numerical analysis you can pick your own favourite text.

Note: I generally will not provide the papers in class or as links on this page; instead it is up to you to find them. The web is now a wonderful resource for finding papers. Preprints of many papers can be found on the authors' websites---use a search engine like Google (or now Google Scholar) to find these. Papers that appear in places like SIGGRAPH, ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG) and Symposium on Computer Animation (SCA) can be found in the ACM Digital Library ( but you will need to be logged into a UBC machine or go though the proxy server. Other journals to which UBC subscribes can be found by their search page; often you will find that recent articles were published electronically and UBC has a subscription that lets you read them online (like the ACM Digital Library).

Please find the following articles and read them:


For an alternative look at rigid body dynamics, constraints, and simple elastic models, check out Physically Based Modeling course notes from SIGGRAPH 2001, by Andrew Witkin and David Baraff.

More advanced optional reading. The abbreviation "JCP" means Journal of Computational Physics, "Numer. Math." means Numerische Mathematik, and "jgt" is the Journal of Graphics Tools.