CPSC 533d Animation Physics

September-December 2005, TR 11am-12:30pm, in MCML 256.

Instructor: Robert Bridson

Prerequisites: programming, vector calculus, linear algebra, basic differential equations, basic physics, computer graphics.

This course gives a practical introduction to the use of numerical simulation for animating passive natural phenomena, such as the motion and interaction of rigid bodies, cloth, smoke, water, etc.

Contacting Me

You can always email me at rbridson@cs.ubc.ca, or phone my office (604-822-1993). My office is X663; either drop by or email me to set up an appointment to be sure of seeing me.

I'm happy to help out with stuff, and also appreciate feedback on the course---if the pace is right, if you want to see some particular topic covered, etc.

Previous Offerings

New Stuff

December 1: Assignment 4 is up.

November 14: Nov 15 lecture up.

November 10: Assignment 3 is out.

November 9: Out of hospital, Nov 10 lecture up.

October 26: Oct 27 lecture up, more required reading.

October 24: Oct 25 lecture up.

October 24: Assignment 2 is out.

October 19: Oct 20 lecture up.

October 17: Oct 18 lecture up.

October 16: Assignment 2 will be postponed or eliminated.

October 10: Oct 11 lecture up.

October 6: Oct 6 lecture up, bugs fixed (and Oct 4 restored to correctness).

October 1: Oct 4 lecture up.

September 29: Sept 29 lecture up.

September 26: Sept 27 lecture up.

September 23: Assignment 1 bug fixed in collisions.

September 21: Sept 22 lecture up.

September 19: Sept 20 lecture up.

September 14: Sept 15 lecture up.

September 13: Assignment 1 up.

September 12: Sept 13 lecture up, first papers for reading listed.

August 4: Website is up.