CS 534A: Schedule

Week of: Tuesday Thursday
January 4/6 No classes
January 11/13 Introduction & class outline - what data do you have?
Rachel presents and leads discussion
Introduction to databases: part 1
Preliminary slides for next two classes
Rachel presents and leads discussion
Homework 1: design a database for your data
January 18/20 Introduction to databases: part 2
Rachel presents and leads discussion
Model Management Introduction
Rachel presents and leads discussion
Homework 1 due
January 25/27 Data integration
Homework 2: Conjunctive queries Solution.
Yi (Yvonne) Wang presents
Rachel leads discussion
Survey of schema merging for view integration and data integration
Kevin Yau presents
Yi (Yvonne) Wang leads discussion
Feb 1/3 Structural Conflicts in View Integration
Ranjeet Singh presents
Bill Li leads discussion

Homework 2 due - note this is an extension from the previous deadline Solution.
Project: teams must be formed
ontology merging
Shuan Wang presents
Ting Wang leads discussion
February 8/10 Three way merge
Jie Zhao presents "flexible object merging framework"
Bill Li presents "what is a file synchronizer"
Xun Sun leads discussion
Theoretical Aspects of Schema Merging
Rachel presents
Scott Helmer leads discussion
Project: two page proposal due
February 15/17 Midterm break; no class
February 22/24 Generic Merge
Rachel presents and leads discussion
Schema matching survey
Elaine Chang presents
Amit Singh leads discussion
March 1/3 A schema matching algorithm and an industrial report
Amit Singh presents
Shuan Wang leads discussion
Medical Ontology Matching
Heidi Lam presents
Jie Zhao leads discussion
Project: 5 page midterm status report due
March 8/10 Query discovery for schema mapping
Xun Sun presents
Eric Brochu leads discussion
Information capacity
Eric Brochu presents
Adebayo Banjo leads discussion
March 15/17 Changing a model from one metamodel to another
Ting Wang presents
Elaine Chang leads discussion
Description Logics
Dana Sharon presents
Kevin Yau and Ranjeet Suri lead discussion
March 22/24 Concept Base
Scott Helmer presents
Dana Sharon leads discussion
Model management revisited
Adebayo Banjo presents
Heidi Lam leads discussion
March 29/31 Project reports:
Scott - moved to April 7 due to illness
Project reports:
Jie and Shuan
Bill, Kevin, and Ranjeet
Eric and Heidi
April 5/7 Project reports:
Amit and Banjo
Scott presents (rescheduled)
Introduction redux: How do databases handle your data?
Rachel presents and leads discussion

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