• SEPT: Joanna becomes co-Head of UBC CS Department
  • SEPT: Welcome to MSc student Clair Ross
  • AUG: Carrie awarded an AGE-WELL EPIC AT Fellowship
  • AUG: Elise finishes her MSc thesis
  • JULY: Welcome to NSERC Postdoctoral Fellow Carrie Dai
  • JUN: Kevin starts internship at Slack
  • MAY: Sang-Wha starts internship at the Center for Digital Citizens
  • MAY: Our CSCW paper is accepted! Sang-Wha is lead author.
  • MAY: Our TOCHI paper is accepted! Kevin is lead author.
  • MAY: Joanna gives invited talk at Northumbria University
  • APR: Sang-Wha participates in the CHI Doctoral Consortium
  • FEB: Joanna gives invited talk at the University of Aukland
  • JAN: Joanna gives invited talk at Meta Reality Labs

  • DEC: Joanna is named ACM Distinguished Member
  • NOV: Izabelle Janzen successfully defends her PhD!
  • OCT: Joanna participates at CAN-CWiC
  • SEPT: Welcome to grad students Ishita Haque and Zhe Liu
  • SEPT: Joanna starts her sabbatical year