Research Areas

eDAPT works on quite a broad range of topics that, at a high-level, relate to the following overlapping research areas:


Most interactive software tools and platforms, from word processors to smartphones, are largely one-size-fits all. They are unable to accommodate a range of user needs and preferences. This forces users to adapt themselves to the tool, which can cause frustration, lost productivity, low satisfaction, and overall disempowerment.

Universal Usability

Today’s software tools and platforms permeate the global society. They are used in contexts such as education and health -- users are extremely diverse, ranging from children to older adults; people with varying physical and cognitive impairments; those who can afford only minimal connectivity to those who have unlimited high speed bandwidth, etc. Yet tools are often much less usable for people who do not have mainstream abilities.

CSCW (Computer Supported Cooperative Work)

Interactive technology is increasingly used in collaborative/multi-user contexts. This ranges from classroom technologies that support the individual setups desired by instructors to casual communication tools to support the unique needs of couples. Supporting collaborative contexts poses unique design challenges.

research areas

Selected Topics

Below is a list of selected topics from our research areas. Click on any of the cards to see related publications.