Prospective Students

eDAPT typically welcomes one to two graduate students and one to two undergraduate students as research assistants most years.

To be considered, first and foremost, please submit a formal application (details on how to apply). Additionally, while you are welcome to email me (Joanna), I regret that I am often unable to reply to prospective students. The number of emails I receive from prospective students has increased dramatically in recent years, and I have had to chose to spend time with my current students, rather than doing email.

If you do email me, please include the following:

  • A brief introduction to yourself
  • Confirmation that you have or will be applying to UBC
  • A description of how your interests align with eDAPT research and why you think you would be a good fit for the group.

Please note that while eDAPT research projects generally emanate from grad students’ interests and ideas, they always fit within the broad themes of eDAPT.

Our undergrad students are often UBC students who are doing a summer NSERC USRA (Undergraduate Student Research Awards), UBC SURE (Science Undergraduate Experience Awards), WLIUR (Work Learn International Undergraduate Research Award), undergraduate thesis (CPSC 449) , directed studies (CPSC 448), or doing a senior project course (COGS 402).

We typically only consider students who have taken at least one course in Human-Computer Interaction or a similar topic. Undergraduate students are brought into eDAPT to work closely together with a graduate student who needs an assistant on their project. We regret that we are almost never able to accommodate a student who wants to work on their own topic/project.

To be considered, please send me (Joanna) an email, including the following information :

  • A brief introduction to yourself and how your interests align with eDAPT research
  • What type of undergraduate position you are seeking and the term desired
  • Your resume/CV
  • Your UBC transcript (unofficial fine)
Jonna McGrenere Image
At one of our MSc thesis presentations
Jonna McGrenere Image
With the CHI 2018 Best Paper Award
Lab Culture

"We are a happy and diverse group that loves to take on new challenges and learn from each other. Whether it is offering help with pilot studies or providing constructive research feedback, we believe in a culture that helps each other grow. When not working, we sometimes like to play games, watch a movie or simply enjoy a meal together." -- Shareen Mahmud (2019 graduate)

Working with Joanna

Together with my students, I have created a living document titled “Working with Joanna” that describes some of the dimensions of what it is like to work with me, from research meetings, to funding, to conference travel, and beyond.