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Joanna McGrenere
Computer Science
University of British Columbia

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Email: joanna @
Office: ICICS/CS X665 (directions)
Phone: 604 827-5201
Fax: 604 822-4231 

201-2366 Main Mall
Department of Computer Science
The University of British Columbia
Vancouver, B.C., V6T 1Z4

Designing for People - DFP is a relatively new initiative -- an interdisciplinary group of scholars from across the UBC campus who work in HCI. Check out our website!


My research is in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), with a particular focus on the following areas:

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Current academic year (2017-18)

CS 444 winter of 2017, an undergrad course in Advanced Methods in HCI

CS 554k winter of 2017, serving as a project mentor in the new DFP Project graduate course

CS 544-new fall of 2017, a new graduate course in HCI on the Fundamentals of Designing Interactive Computational Technology for People (DFP)


CS 110 in the fall of 2012, 2011 a first year course on Computation, Programs, and Programming

CS 554m in the winter of 2016, 2014, 2013, 2011 a graduate course in HCI

CS 444 in the winter of 2016, 2014, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2007, an undergrad course in Advanced Methods in HCI

CS 544 in the fall of 2009, 2006, 2005, 2003, 2002, a graduate course in HCI

CS 444 in the winter of 2004 and 2006, an introductory undergrad course in HCI

I was one of the instructors for CS 590, a graduate course in research methods 

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Students and Postdocs


Kamyar Ardekani, PhD (on-leave at Mozilla)

Francesco Vitale, PhD

Izabelle Janzen, PhD

Taslim Arefin Khan, MSc, PhD Track

Yelim Kim, MSc

Hayley Guillou, MSc

Shareen Mahmud, MSc



Sung-Hee Kim, postdoc 2015

Charlotte Tang, postdoc 2012


Matthew Brehmer, PhD 2016, co-supervised by Tamara Munzner

Mona Haraty, PhD 2016

Matei Negulescu, PhD

Rock Leung, PhD, 2011 [pdf] co-supervised by Peter Graf (Psychology)

Karyn Moffatt, PhD 2010 [pdf]

Leah Findlater, PhD 2009 [pdf]

Andrea Bunt, PhD 2007, co-supervised by Cristina Conati [pdf]


Kamyar Ardekani, MSc 2016

Antoine Ponsard, MSc 2015

Kailun Zhang, MSc 2015

Jessica Dawson, MSc, co-supervised by Tamara Munzner [pdf]

Shathel Haddad, MSc  [pdf]

Juliette Link, MSc, co-supervised by Kellogg Booth  [pdf]

Diane Tam, MSc 2012, co-supervised by Karon MacLean [pdf]

Mohan Raj Rajamanickam, MSc 2011 [pdf]

Gokhan Himmetoglu, MSc 2011, co-supervised by Karon MacLean [pdf]

Matthew Brehmer, MSc 2011, co-supervised by Claudia Jacova (Medicine) [pdf]

Amirhossein Mehrabian, MSc 2011 [pdf essay]

Jih-Shiang (Gordon) Chang, MSc, co-supervised by Karon MacLean [pdf essay]

Tom Hazelton, MSc, co-supervised by Karon MacLean [pdf]

Jeff Hendy, MSc 2009, co-supervised by Kellogg Booth [pdf]

Yamin Htun, MSc 2007 [pdf]

Meghan Allen,  MSc 2006 [pdf]

Jennifer Gluck, MSc 2006 [pdf]

Adam Bodnar, MSc 2006, co-supervised by Tamara Munzner [pdf]

Dmitry Nekrasovski, MSc 2006, co-supervised by Tamara Munzner [pdf]

Qixing Zheng, MSc 2005, co-supervised by Kellogg Booth [pdf]

Andrew Chan, MSc 2004, co-supervised by Karon MacLean [pdf]

Rhian Davies, MSc 2004 [pdf]

Leah Findlater, MSc 2004 [pdf]

Karyn Moffatt, MSc 2004, co-supervised by Maria Klawe [pdf]


Helen Yin, undergraduate directed studies and RA (summer 2017, fall 2017, winter 2017)

Zack Wilson, undergraduate directed studies and RA (summer 2017, fall 2017, winter 2017)

Kevin Budiman, undergraduate directed studies (winter 2014)

Larrisa Leong, NSERC USRA (summer 2013)

Sandy Fang, undergraduate directed studies (fall 2013)

Larrisa Leong, NSERC USRA (summer 2013)

Kanupriya, undergraduate from IIT (summer 2011)

Juliette Link, undergraduate RA (summer 2010)

Jessica Dawson, undergraduate RA (summer 2008), directed studies (winter 2009-10) NSERC USRA (summer 2010, summer 2011)

Justine Yang, NSERC USRA (summer 2008), directed studies (fall 2009)

Sandra Yuen, undergraduate project course (winter 2007-08)

Kim Tee, undergraduate honours thesis (winter 2003-04), and NSERC USRA (summer 2004)

Eve Macgregor, undergraduate project course (winter 2003-04)

Sarah Yang, undergraduate directed studies (winter 2002-03)


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Brief Bio and CV

CV link

Joanna McGrenere is a Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of British Columbia (UBC) and is an Inria & Université Paris Sud International Research Chair (France). Joanna received a PhD from the University of Toronto in 2002, an MSc from UBC in 1996, and a BSc from Western University in 1993, all in Computer Science. Her broad research area is Human Computer Interaction (HCI), with a specialization in interface personalization, universal usability, assistive technology, and computer supported cooperative work. She often serves on program committees for the top conferences in HCI, including serving as the Papers Co-Chair for CHI in 2015. She is the Program Co-Chair for ASSETS 2018 and will be the overall Technical Program Co-Chair for CHI 2020. She is a member of the editorial board for ACM Transactions on Computer-Human-Interaction (ToCHI) and ACM Transactions on Accessible Computing (TACCESS). Joanna is an elected Member of the College of New Scholars in the Royal Society of Canada (2017), won a Killam Research Award (2015), a Microsoft Research Software Engineering Innovation Foundation award (2013), a Killam award for Excellence in Mentoring (2012), an Outstanding Young Computer Science Research Award from the Canadian Association of Computer Science (2011), was appointed as a Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies Early Career Scholar (2010), and was the first recipient of the Anita Borg Early Career Scholar Award (2004). Joanna recently served as an Associate Head in CS at UBC (2013-15) and lead the HCI@UBC initiative: an interdisciplinary meeting for scholars working in the area of Human-Computer Interaction at UBC (2013-15), which is now being re-branded as the Designing for People (DFP) initiative. DFP has been recognized as a top emerging cluster at UBC.


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Refereed Conference and Journal Papers


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Directions to my Office

I am located in the relatively new X-wing of the ICICS/CS Building on UBC campus. The main address from the ICICS/CS building is 2366 Main Mall. If you enter from this address, follow the signs to the X-wing, then take the south elevator to the 6th floor. My office is X665.

The most direct way to get to my office is to enter the X-wing from street level (X-wing is it's own building, connected by walkways to the old building). The entrance is at the corner of Engineering Road and Agronomy Road, then take the south elevator to the 6th floor. My office is X665.

Google map of corner of Engineering and Agronomy roads

The closest parking is in the Health Sciences Parkade. (Scroll down the page if you do not see the map at first.)

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