Empirical Scaling Analyzer (ESA)


Empirical Scaling Analyzer (ESA) is a tool that takes a file of solver runtimes (sample) as input, automatically fits and evaluates parametric models, and generate a PDF report for the analysis results (sample). The models are fitted using standard numerical methods, and are challenged by extrapolation using a bootstrap approach. For detailed information about the methodology, please refer to the papers below.

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The On-line Tool

exponential: a*b^n
square-root exponential: a*b^sqrt(n)
polynomial: a*n^b

A value of 0 instructs ESA to use ~60% of the data as support

For the default settings and the sample runtime file, ESA should complete within 10 minutes. The time required is roughly linear in the number of bootstrap samples, and the time required to fit the models is the most important factor affecting ESA's processing time.