Project Pitches, 547-21: InfoVis

Title Team Slides (PDF)
Navigating The Canadian Housing Crisis Abiramy (Abi) Kuganesan Slides
Interactive Visualization of Exoplanets Arash Kamyabi Slides
Visualizing Structural Genomic Variants Armita Safa & Janet Li Slides
Municipal Planning Visualization David Chen, Hongyang Yang Slides
Visualizing Cryptocurrency Trends Deepansha Chhabra Slides
SoundMap: A visualization tool for large sound file datasets Elizabeth Reid Slides
Visual analytics for exploring online conversations Soheil Alavi, Felipe Gonzalez-Pizarro Slides
Graph Partitioners: Through the Lens of Visualization Hadi Sinaee Slides
Visualizing the Impact of Vaccines on COVID-19 Outbreaks Inna Ivanova Slides
Interactive Visualization for Degree Navigation Ivan Song Slides
School Enrollments in the Time of COVID Jianhao Cao Slides
Interprovincial COVID-19 Data Analysis Jocelyn Minns Slides
Visualizing Changes in Personal Music Listening Patterns Jonatan Engstad Slides
Netflix movie and show recommendation dashboard Lucie Polakova Slides
CHATTER Lufei Liu Slides
A New City Map: Visualizing our city roadways Madison Lore Slides
Visualization Literacy Survey Mara Solen Slides
Course Friction Explorer Marie Salomon, Noa Heyl, Shizuko Akamoto, ToTo Tokaeo Slides
COVID-19 Vaccinations Mary Abikoye Slides
Visualizing Android Malware Feature Drift Through Time Michael Tegegn Slides
COVID-19 in Incarceration Facilities Mifta Sintaha Slides
Model Predictive Path Integral Minglong Li Slides
Visualization of A Boardgame Dataset Neera Patadia Slides
Can you visualize mew?! Negar Sadrzadeh Slides
Visualizing Pancast Nichole Boufford Slides
Visualizing historical Canadian avalanche ratings Niels Semb Slides
Visualization Feature-Rating correlations for recommender models Niloofar Zarif Slides
Visualizing the Malicious Activity on Chemistry Lab Experiments Zainab Saeed Wattoo Slides

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