Computational Intelligence

A Logical Approach

Overhead Transparencies

This page contains transparencies from Poole, Mackworth and Goebel, Computational Intelligence: A Logical Approach, Oxford University Press, 1998. All lecture materials are copyright © Poole, Mackworth, Goebel, and Oxford University Press, 1997-2002. All Rights reserved.

These transparencies are in Adobe PDF format and can be read using the free acrobat reader or with recent versions of Ghostscript. You can also access the lectures through a pdf interface. Clicking on the chapter numbers in this file or on it up-arrows in the slides gives a pdf overview of individual chapters. You can also get the latest distribution of all of the slides as a gzipped tar file.

We have divided the slides roughly into lectures. The division is largely on logical separation, rather than what can be carried out in one say 50 or 90 minute slot. We have found that one lecture here takes between 30 and 100 minutes to explain in class (augmented with class discussion and more detailed examples). We haven't attempted to cover every topic in these lectures; rather, we have attempted to give a deeper view of fewer topics. Revising these slides is an ongoing activity; we would appreciate any feedback you would like to give.

Chapter 1: (html) Computational Intelligence and Knowledge

Chapters 2 & 3: (html) A Representation and Reasoning System & Using Definite Knowledge

These two chapters are presented together as they form a coherent whole. They are separated in the book to keep the formalisms and the methodology separate.

Chapter 4: (html) Searching

Chapter 5: (html) Representing Knowledge

Chapter 6: (html) Knowledge Engineering

Chapter 7: (html) Beyond Definite Knowledge

Chapter 8: (html) Actions and Planning

Chapter 9: (html) Assumption-based Reasoning

Chapter 10: (html) Using Uncertain Knowledge

Chapter 11: (html) Learning

Chapter 12: (html) Building Situated Robots

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