Announcing the results for the 2020 Challenge

Published on 2020-05-12 by Eduard Trulls

We are pleased to announce that the 2020 edition of the Image Matching Challenge is over, and it was a success. We received over 100 valid submissions from dozens of teams. Thank you for your participation! Here are the results:

Track 1: up to 8000 features

  1. Chen Shen, Zhipeng Wang, Jun Zhang, Zhongkun Chen, Zhiwei Ruan, Jingchao Zhou, Pengfei Xu (Didi Chuxing, Peking University, Xiamen University)
  2. Luca Cavalli, Viktor Larsson, Martin Oswald, Torsten Sattler, Marc Pollefeys (ETH Zurich, Chalmers): AdaLAM
  3. Jiahui Zhang, Zixin Luo, Hongkai Chen (Tsinghua University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)

Track 2: up to 2048 features

  1. Paul-Edouard Sarlin (ETH Zurich): SuperGlue
  2. Michal Tyszkiewicz (EPFL)
  3. Sheng He, Ximin Zheng, Yang Liu, Wenbin Li, Guanlin Liang, You Wu, Xian Zhong (PINGAN)

Anonymous submissions have been unmasked and all information is now publicly available in the learderboards. These participants and more have been invited to give short talks to the CVPR workshop next Friday (June 19). We are currently finalizing the schedule and will publish it soon. Talks will be streamed live on Youtube. For up-to-date details, please see the workshop's website. Hope to see you there!