Releasing ground truth for Phototourism and PragueParks test set

Published on 2022-09-07 by Yuhe Jin

We have released groud truth test set used for the 2021 challenge, and the evaluation server has been closed. You are welcome to download the ...

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Announcing the results of the 2021 Image Matching Challenge!

Published on 2021-06-21 by Eduard Trulls

We are happy to announce the winners of this year's Image Matching Challenge: Restricted keypoints category Dongli Tan, Xingyu Chen, Ruixin Zhang, Kai Zhao, Xuehui ...

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SimLocMatch has been announced!

Published on 2021-06-08 by Yuhe Jin

Synthetic dataset image matching challenge is online now! It will be held at the Image Matching Workshop @ CVPR 2021. Please visit to submit ...

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A new tutorial by Dmytro on custom matcher

Published on 2021-05-27 by Yuhe Jin

Dmytro, one of our co-organizers, wrote a new tutorial on how to create a submission with custom match files. It can be found here: ...

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Minor modification to the rules on descriptor size

Published on 2021-05-25 by Eduard Trulls

In order to allow submissions of papers/methods that do not have a clear feature size, such as those relying on dense feature maps, we have ...

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A new submission example

Published on 2021-05-17 by Eduard Trulls

Dmytro, one of our co-organizers, took the time to write a thorough tutorial on how to use the benchmark to tune your method and create ...

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Introducing the 2021 Challenge

Published on 2021-05-10 by Eduard Trulls

We are pleased to announce the third edition of the Image Matching Challenge, which introduces two new datasets . In addition to the "Phototourism" dataset, ...

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Announcing the results for the 2020 Challenge

Published on 2020-05-12 by Eduard Trulls

We are pleased to announce that the 2020 edition of the Image Matching Challenge is over, and it was a success. We received over 100 ...

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Bugfixes and leaderboard updates

Published on 2020-04-27 by Eduard Trulls

We would like to announce some updates: In order to prevent possible collisions due to multiple submissions possibly using the same method name or label ...

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Postponing challenge deadline

Published on 2020-04-17 by Eduard Trulls

With CVPR likely moving towards a virtual format, there is no need to have a deadline so far from the conference. We have thus moved ...

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Removing United States Capitol

Published on 2020-03-30 by Eduard Trulls

It has been brought to our attention that some of the images from United States Capitol are not be correctly registered, and in fact show ...

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Running the benchmark in a scalable way

Published on 2020-03-18 by Eduard Trulls

The benchmark relies on the Slurm job scheduler , which allows users to queue jobs (with dependencies) on multi-user clusters. We made this decision for ...

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Introducing the 2020 Image Matching Challenge

Published on 2020-02-10 by Eduard Trulls

It is our pleasure to announce the second edition of the Image Matching Challenge, held in conjunction with the CVPR 2020 workshop on Image Matching: ...

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