Sensory Perception & Interaction Research Group

University of British Columbia


Macaron is a free, open-source, online haptic editor that features an example based approach in further developing a haptic design.

MacaronMix is an online, open-source tool for morphing haptic signals. Designers, researchers, and hapticians can use this tool to create and study haptic icons, and to develop new morphing algorithms. Link:

An online example of how to organize and find particular tactile signals for customization needs. Try it out at:


A DIY amplifier to drive vibration feedback from your laptop. Check it out at:

A low-cost rotary haptic interface that runs on the arduino platform. Check it out at

Datasets and Visualizations

This dataset is a collection of 110 coded papers from the last decade on the topic of Affective Haptic Systems Design (AHSD)

We present our FEEL (Force, EEG and Emotion-Labelled) dataset, a collection of brain activity, keypress force data, labeled with self-reported emotion during tense videogame play (N=16); open-sourced for community exploration and available for download here.

Social touch gestures performed on a variety of different substrate combinations and collected using a custom-DIY fabric sensor. Originally made available as part of the ICMI '15 Grand Challenge and currently published at

Haptipedia is a comprehensive library of haptic devices annotated with designer-relevant metadata, then accessed through an interactive visualization to assist designers in finding relevant design examples.

Dataset pertaining to an algorithm for accurate real-time cadence estimation using accelerometers found in common smartphones. Available at:

This repository contains all 120 vibrations for the VibViz library including their (.wav) files, their aggregated ratings and tags, and the MDS dimensions for the Sensation, Emotion, Metaphor, and Usage Facets. Check it out at: