Sensory Perception & Interaction Research Group

University of British Columbia


SPIN lab’s research space is uniquely resourced to allow for the integration of physical fabrication and multidisciplinary methods that form the foundations of SPIN labs work. SPIN’s space and equipment resources provide exceptional ability to do state-of-the-art haptics work: fabrication and prototyping, EEG station, organized storage, and collaborative meeting spaces. SPIN shares three rooms with several other HCI faculty members and their students in a mixed collaborative and multifunctional space  This cooperative and versatile environment supports a variety of research related prototyping activities, interactions with participants, and spaces designated for individual work pursuits.

To provide students with a quiet space for individual work,  X508 mainly contains individual student desks and supports a quiet, focused atmosphere. In contrast,  X521 is primarily a  collaborative workspace, with a large central table surrounded by work benches, prototyping materials, fabrication equipment, and an EEG machine.  With much of the equipment on wheels to allow for frequent reconfiguration, the modular nature of this space allows it to support the changing needs of the lab over time, while providing ample technical resources and space for groups of researchers to work collaboratively. Additionally, the open and flexible floor plan makes this space ideal for hosting research demonstrations and other gatherings with partnering researchers and other visitors.


Off to the side of X521 is our living lab space, designed specifically for naturalistic studies. Resembling a living room, this space creates an enclosed and welcoming environment for participants. This space is also outfitted with a video conferencing set up, providing another option for group meetings and collaborative work.

In addition to these spaces, students have access to additional prototyping facilities nearby, and shared departmental spaces such as a lounge, kitchens,  and large meeting rooms to use as needed.