Sensory Perception & Interaction Research Group

University of British Columbia

Macaron: An Online, Open-source Vibrotactile Editor

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Examples can help the design process, but haptic libraries are limited: they are opaque & immutable. We explore the potential for visualized, editable examples in vibrotactile design. Using a new web-based editor, Macaron, as our platform, we establish a picture of vibrotactile design with examples. We find additional access can provide an effective starting point for designers, and help novices learn how to use vibrotactile parameters.

We are also actively developing Macaron into an open-source, free online tool for haptic design. This has two advantages: it lowers the barrier for haptic design, previously requiring protected, internal tools or advanced programming and prototyping skills, and it provides a much-need lens into the haptic design process through usability metrics, which lets us build better design tools. Currently, Macaron is in a limited beta; stay tuned for more information.