Finding Us

Finding Our Building: X-Wing of ICICS/CS, 2366 Main Mall at Agronomy

We are in the 8-story X-Wing addition behind the 4-story ICICS/CS building. While the main building entrance is on Main Mall, the entrances from Agronomy Road or Engineering Road are closer to the elevators that lead to Imager. The nearby cheap parking is the B-lot at the southwest corner of Agronomy and Main Mall, enter off Agronomy.

Finding Us Within the Building

Complete Map (PDF)
  • Imager faculty offices are on floors X6 and X8. Most postdoc and grads in offices are also on those floors.
  • Imager labs are on floors X4, X5, X6, and X7. Please visit our Facilities page for an up-to-date list of lab spaces and their capacities.

Floor 4

Floor 5

Floors 6/7

Floor 8

Tips for using these maps:

  • On the full building map, the point marked with "You Are Here" is the crossover point from West Wing Floor 1 to X Wing Floor 2.
  • There are two above-ground walkway crossovers: from West 2 to X 3, and from West 3 to X 4.
  • The X Wing also has direct entrances from outside to Floor 2.
  • To reach X6 and X8, use elevator 2. To reach X7, use elevator 1.