Our visualization group has a broad research agenda despite its small size. We have developed visualization techniques and systems for applications ranging from evolutionary biology to large-scale system administration. We engage in evaluation at many levels, ranging from the psychophysics of human vision to requirements analysis to laboratory studies characterizing visualization technique applicability and deriving design guidelines to field studies of deployed systems. We collaborate with researchers at many universities, including Bordeaux, Harvard, Maryland, UC-Davis, UIUC, and UT-Austin. Our industrial collaborations include Agilent, AT&T, Boeing, and Google.

Tamara Munzner has been working in visualization for nearly twenty years, with a current focus on information visualization for abstract datasets. She is interested in building new systems from both task-driven and technique-driven perspectives, and in evaluating existing techniques and systems to develop design guidelines. She co-chaired InfoVis in 2003 and 2004, and EuroVis in 2009 and 2010.

Ron Rensink obtained his PhD in Computer Science from UBC in 1992, followed by a postdoc in the Psychology department at Harvard University. For several years he was a research scientist at Cambridge Basic Research, a lab sponsored by Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. His interests include visual design, human vision (particularly visual attention), visual analytics, and computer vision.

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