WCCCE 2003

Conference Program

Thursday, May 1, 2003

BCCEC Articulation Meeting (Not part of WCCCE). 
Komoux Hall, Room 104.
Komoux Hall, Room 104.
Get-together Dinner at :

Edgewater Pub & Bistro, 
1805 Beaufort Ave., 
Comox, BC 


Friday, May 2, 2003


8:30-9:00 am Registration & Coffee
8:45-9:15am Welcome and Opening Remarks  (Komoux Hall  104)

Dr. Lou Dryden, NIC President 

Frank Lu, Chair WCCCE'02




Keynote Address (Komoux Hall  104)

The profile of the Computer Science graduate and researcher in 10 years - Computer  Science, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering and Interdisciplinary  Studies finally meet
Micaela Serra,  UVic

Introduction:  Michael Zastre

Paper Session A (Komoux Hall  104)
Sarah Stephens
10:30-11:00am Women in Computing Science
Surinder Dhanjal & Mila Kwiatkowska
11:00–11:30am CS 1.5 The Course In Between - Or Why Less May Be More
Michael Kuttner 
11:30–12:00pm Assessing Individual Contributions to Group Software Projects
William Gardner
12:00–12:30pm De-Segregation: A Five year Retrospective
David Gregg & Libero Ficocelli


Lunch ( Puntledge Hall 104)
1:30-2:00pm Poster Session (Komoux Hall  104)
Teaching Web Programming: Configuration of a Multiplatform and Cost Effective Lab
Mila Kwiatkowska and Andrew Idzikowski
Solving Divide 'n Conquer Recurrences by Master Theorem a la Charlie
Charlie Obinbo
A New Method to Order Functions by Asymptotic Growth Rates
Charlie Obinbo
Programming Concepts and Methods for Enhanced Student Learning
Tong-Chun Xu


Stream I
Programming and Problem Solving
Stream II
2:00-3:00pm Paper Session B (Komoux Hall  104)
Chair: Rick Gee
Paper Session D (Puntledge Hall 125)
Chair: Paul Franklin
2:00–2:20pm A Java-based CS1 course: Not gentle enough!
Libero Ficocelli and David Gregg 


Tools Selection for Teaching Data Warehousing and Data Mining
Andy Law
2:20–2:40pm Python as a First Programming Language for Everyone  
Toby Donaldson   
Automatic Testing and Submission of Student Programs via E-mail
William Gardner


Experience with Team Projects in a Second Semester C++ Programming Course
David Casperson

Global and Cultural Issues
Kim Chilton
Paper Session C (Komoux Hall  104)
Chair: Frank Niscak
Paper Session E (Puntledge Hall 125)
Chair: George Chase
3:20-3:40 An Online System for Assignment Marking
Greg Baker 
Teaching Computer Science by An Undergraduate Mentoring Program
Lisa L. Fan and Brien Maquire
3:40-4:00 Using Open Source Software Development Tools In Introductory Software Engineering
Jason Madar
Effectiveness of Research Modules in Undergraduate Curriculum
Waqar Haque & K. Alagarsamy 


Fresh as a ROSE: Java + C in an introductory OS course
Mike Zastre 
Teaching Cooperation in Multi-Agent Systems with the help of the ARES System
Melissa Bergen, Jörg Denzinger, Jordan Kidney

Closing Remarks ( Komoux Hall  104)

Ian Cavers & George Tsiknis
Co-Chairs, WCCCE Steering Committee