Sensory Perception & Interaction Research Group

University of British Columbia

Supporting Haptic Communities of Practice

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Haptic technology is increasingly becoming a critical and expected aspect of user experiences as seen in the rapid progression towards blended physical-digital interfaces. However, many challenges exist for haptic designers, regardless of their familiarity with the field, and these challenges increase tenfold when we attempt to incorporate diverse perspectives in into the space.  In this project, we present a series of studies that aims to capture these challenges and to create solutions such as tools that could alleviate the various challenges involved in haptic experience design.

Our goal is to create a set of tools, guidelines, and other design process solutions that will help hapticians of any skill level, whether they be industry or novices, haptics-peripheral, or haptics- curious. Past work on this topic has included the development of the online communities of practice and resources, and moving forward, we aim to further integrate these resources into communities of learners, such as the CanHap501 course.




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Colin Gallacher