Sensory Perception & Interaction Research Group

University of British Columbia

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Chun, M., "Comparing haptic application design communities : characterizing differences and similarities for future design knowledge sharing." M.Sc. Thesis. University of British Columbia, 2020
Haptic technology has increasingly blended digital and physical world elements to create intuitive interactions in areas such as affective computing, VR/AR, video games, education and various other domains. However, we posit that the emergence of best processes for designing impactful haptic applications has been hindered by a lack of shared understanding of the technical and conceptual design knowledge involved in developing meaningful haptic experiences. With over 27 years of diverse haptic literature, we have an opportunity to verify our supposition by characterizing community design practices in their similarities/differences which can be used to highlight areas of design expertise and gaps that other communities can help improve/complete. In future work, these characterizations can be further analyzed and integrated to help formulate effective haptic application design processes which could lead towards new or improved haptic application experiences. We conducted a scoping literature review that provided initial characterizations of community haptic application design practices, in order to lay the foundations for future cross-fertilization of design knowledge.
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