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Theses and Major Essays

The theses and major essays are ordered hierarchically by: (1) year; and (2) alphabetically by author. Copies of all theses are available through the UBC Library. We have theses available for the following years:

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[Papers/Technical Reports]


Implementation and evaluation of a classroom synchronous participation system
Peter Beshai


Improve classroom interaction and collaboration using i>clicker
Junhao Shi

Feasibility of supporting pointing on large wall displays using off-the-shelf consumer-grade tracking equipment
Orkhan Muradov

A model and analysis of two-handed interaction with a keyboard and pointing device
Juliette Link


Managing on-line submission and marking of programming assignments
Nuray Dindar

Interaction with large stereoscopic displays : Fitts and multiple object tracking studies for virtual reality
Vasanth Rajendran


A multi-display collaborative urban planning system with a federated architecture
Tao Su

Usability and the Effects of Interruption in C-TOC: Self-Administered Cognitive Testing on a Computer
Matthew Brehmer


LACOME : early evaluation and further development of a multi-user collaboration system for shared large displays
Russell MacKenzie

A collaborative planning support system for a multi-touch tabletop : the effect of number of touch inputs on collaboration and output quality
Jennifer Fernquist

Addressing age-related pen-based target acquisition difficulties
Karyn Moffatt

Body-centric and shadow-based interaction for large wall displays
Garth Shoemaker


Abstraction of Man-Made Shapes
Qingnan Zhou


Feature-Based Graph Visualization
Daniel William Archambault, Ph.D.

Cerebral: Visualizing Multiple Experimental Conditions on a Graph with Biological Context
Aaron Barsky

Visual Exploratory Analysis of Large Data Sets
Heidi Lam, Ph.D.


Planning Dynamic Vehicle Motion using Move Trees
Andrew Adam, M.Sc.

Exploring the Design Space for Concurrent Use of Personal and Large Displays for In-Home Collaboration
Nicole Arksey, M.Sc.

Schlieren-Based Flow Imaging
Bradley Atcheson, M.Sc.

Compressible Subsonic Flow on a Staggered Grid
Michael Bonner, M.Sc.

Mixed-Initiative Support for Customizing Graphical User Interfaces
Andrea Bunt, Ph.D.

Realistic Materials and Illumination Environments
Abhijeet Ghosh, Ph.D.

The Annotators' Perspective on Co-authoring with Structured Annotations
Yamin Htun, M.Sc.

Multilevel Multidimensional Scaling on the GPU
Stephen Ingram, M.Sc.

Model repair and editing tools
Vladislav Kraevoy, Ph.D.

Perception-based Design, Including Haptic Feedback in Expressive Music Interfaces
Ricardo Pedrosa, M.Sc.

Modeling Developable Surfaces from Arbitrary Boundary Curves
Kenneth Rose, M.Sc.

Building Large Sets of Haptic Icons: rhythm as a design parameter, and between-subjects MDS for evaluation
David Ternes, M.Sc.

Tomographic Reconstruction of Transparent Objects
Borislav Trifonov, M.Sc.

Data-Driven Kinematic and Dynamic Models for Character Animation
KangKang Yin, Ph.D.


The Design and Field Evaluation of PhotoTalk: A Digital Image Communication Application for People who have Aphasia
Meghan Allen, M.Sc.

An Evaluation of Overviews for Large Tree Navigation
Adam Bodnar, M.Sc.

Fluid animation with explicit surface meshes and boundary-only dynamics
Tyson Brochu, M.Sc.

An Investigation of the Effects of Matching Attentional Draw with Utility in Computer-Based Interruption
Jennifer Gluck, M.Sc.

Developable Surface Processing Methods for 3D Meshes
Dan Julius, M.Sc.

Using Haptics to Address Mobile Interaction Design Challenges
Joseph Luk, M.Sc.

LiveRAC - Live Reorderable Accordion Drawing
Peter McLachlan, M.Sc.

A Comparison of Pan and Zoom and Rubber Sheet Navigation
Dmitry Nekrasovski, M.Sc.

Visual Mining of Powersets with Large Alphabets
Qiang Kong, M.Sc.

Communicting Emotion Through a Haptic Link
Jocelyn Smith, M.Sc.

The Importance of Accurate Head Registration for Fine Motor Performance in VR.
David Sprague, M.Sc.

Design and Implementation of a Voice-Driven Animation System
Zhijin Wang, M.Sc.

Keyframe Animation of Implicit Models
David White, M.Sc.

Realistic smoke simulation using a frustum aligned grid
Alan Woo, M.Sc.

The moving contact line in a shallow water model
Albert Wong, M.Sc.

Sketch-based Modeling of Parameterized Objects
Chen Yang, M.Sc.


Role-Based Control of Shared Application Views
Lior Berry, M.Sc.

Point-based level sets and progress towards unorganized particle based fluids
Richard Corbett, M.Sc.

The Ethnographically Informed Participatory Design of a PDA Application to Support Communication
Rhian Davies, M.Sc.

Towards Adaptive Rendering of Smooth Primitives on GPUs
Jennifer Fung, M.Sc.

A Representational Basis for Human-Computer Interaction
Barry Po, Ph.D.

Partitioned Rendering Infrastructure for Stable Accordion Navigation
James Slack, M.Sc.

Animating sand as a fluid
Yongning Zhu, M.Sc.

Structured Annotations to Support Collaborative Writing Workflow
Qixing Zheng, M.Sc.


Topological Manipulation of Isosurfaces
Hamish Carr, Ph.D.

Designing Haptic Icons to Support an Urgency-Based Turn-Taking Protocol
Andrew Chan, M.Sc.

Intelligent Support of Interactive Manual Control: Design, Implementation and Evaluation of Look-Ahead haptic Guidance
Ben Forsyth, M.Sc.

Synthesis of Stylized walking controllers for Planar bipeds
Dana Sharon, M.Sc.

Sketch-based Instancing of Parameterized 3D Models
Dan Xiao, M.Sc.

Bidirectional Importance Sampling for Illumination from Environment Maps
David Burke, M.Sc.

Speeding up cloth simulation
Edward Boxerman, M.Sc.

Low Dimensional Search for Efficient Texture Synthesis
Fred Kimberley, M.Sc.

Comparing Static, Adaptable and Adaptive Menus
Leah Findlater, M.Sc.

Quest Vis and Mdsteer: The Visualization of High-Dimensional Environmental Sustainability Data
Matthew Williams, M.Sc.

Animation Palette: An Interface for Prototyping Dynamic Aerial Motions
Peng Zhao, M.Sc.

D'Groove - A Novel Digital Haptic Turntable for Music Control
Timothy Beamish, M.Sc.


A pipelined framework for multi-scale image comparison
David Morrison Martindale, Ph.D.

Modelling of Feather Coat Morphogenesis for Computer Graphics
Lisa Marie Streit, Ph.D.

Voronoi Ball Models for Computational Shape Applications
Roger Tam, Ph.D.

Animating and lighting grass in real-time
Brook Maurice Bakay, M.Sc.

All the distant horizon edges of a terrain
Daniel William Archambault, M.Sc.

CInDeR Collision and Interference detection in real time using graphics hardware
David Knott, M.Sc.

Cloth Parameters and Motion Capture
David Pritchard, M.Sc.

Adaptive and interactive methods for gathering user preferences in educational games
James Gauthier, M.Sc.

Designing Technology For and with Special Populations: An Exploration of Participatory Design with People with Aphasia
Karyn Anne Moffatt, M.Sc.

Improving Menu Placement Strategies for Pen Input
Mark Hancock, M.Sc.

Motion Doodles A Sketch-based Interface for Character Animation
Matthew Edward Thorne, M.Sc.

An Inexpensive, High Resolution Scan Camera
Shuzhen Wang, M.Sc.

1,001,001 Faces: A Configural Face Navigation Interface
Tzu-Pei Grace Chen, M.Sc.

A hybrid Algorithm for terrain simplification
Xuanying Li, M.Sc.

An Interactive 3D Geometric Model Acquistion and Registration System
Yushuang Liu, M.Sc.


Random Marks on Paper: Non-Photorealistic Rendering with Small Primitives
Adrian Secord, M.Sc.

Open Loop Pointing in Virtual Environments
Barry Po, M.Sc.


Measuring and Comparing Human Walking Motions for Computer Animation
Jason Harrison, Ph.D.

Eigenvector Radiosity
Ian Ashdown, M.Sc.


The Computer Modelling of Fallen Snow
Paul Fearing, Ph.D.

Robust Sculpting using Boundary Represented Solids
Cedric C. Lee, M.Sc.

Dynamic Light Textures
Stephen Brooks, M.Sc.


Effectiveness of Three Dimensional Interaction
James Boritz, Ph.D.

Computer Vision System for Head Movement Detection and Tracking
Anne Lavergne, M.Sc.

The Importance of Team Skills for Software Development
Carolyn Wick, M.Sc.

Computer Assisted 3D Craniofacial Reconstruction
David W. Bullock, M.Sc.

A Method of Light Reflectance Measurement
Lun Ke, M.Sc.


Integration of Complex Shapes and Natural Patterns
Marcelo Walter, Ph.D.

Interactive Topological Drawing
Robert G. Scharein, Ph.D.

Light-Driven Global Illumination with a Wavelet Representation of Light Transport
Robert R. Lewis, Ph.D.

Merging Multiple Light Fields
Changching Chiu, M.Sc.

Design and Implementation of a System for Computer-Supported Distance Art Therapy
Davor Cubranic, M.Sc.

Interactive Manipulation of Virtual Folded Paper
Joanne M. Thiel, M.Sc.

A Fault-Tolerant Collaborative Tools Development System
Miranda W. S. Ko, M.Sc.

Retrieving Camera Parameters from Real Video Images
Ning Li, M.Sc.

An Automatic Collision Response Algorithm
Sonja Struben, M.Sc.


Adapting the Human-Computer Interface to Support Collaborative Learning Environments for Children
Kori M. Inkpen, Ph.D.

Representations and Uses of Light Distribution Functions
Paul Lalonde, Ph.D.

Fast Progressive Transmission of Images Using Wavelets with Sorted Coefficients
Allan G. Rempel, M.Sc.

Modelling Rocks and Ornamental Garden Stones
Christopher J. Ellefson, M.Sc.

Integrating Hsplines into SoftImage|3D
Jean-Luc Duprat, M.Sc.

Craniofacial Reconstruction Using Hierarchical B-Spline Interpolation
Katrina M. Archer, M.Sc.

Simulating Craniofacial Growth
Kevin M. Coughlan, M.Sc.

Efficient Transfer and Storage of Image Data for Distributed Development of Biomedical Imaging Tools
Roger C. L. Tam, M.Sc.

Computer-Mediated Communication in a Software Engineering Project Course
Steven Page, M.Sc.

Using Recorded Motion for Facial Animation
Tony Kobayashi, M.Sc.


User Models for Intent-Based Authoring
Andrew Scinger, Ph.D.

Effective Visualization of Large, Multidimensional Datasets
Christopher G. Healey, Ph.D.

A Union of Spheres Representation for 3D Objects
Vishwa Ranjan, Ph.D.

DESIGN: Educational Electronic Multi-Player Games: A Literature Review
Joanna L. McGrenere, M.Sc.

Properties of Tabulated Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Functions
Joel M. DeYoung, M.Sc.

Using Inverse Kinematics to Position Articulated Figures
Karen C. Kuder, M.Sc.

Overview of Multimedia Application Development
Kirk J. Marple, M.Sc.

Predictive Rendering
Paul Fearing, M.Sc.

Integrating Simulation and Animation Software through a Generic Computational Engine
Robert J. Walker, M.Sc.

Terrain Drainage Features and Queries
Sidi Yu, M.Sc.


Aspects of Image Reshading
Christopher A. Romanzin, M.Sc.

Multiresolution Surface Construction for Hierarchical B-Splines
David Wong, M.Sc.


Filtering Volumetric Data
John W. Buchanan, Ph.D.

Three Dimensional Multispectral Stochastic Image Segmentation
Brian G. Johnston, M.Sc.

Priming the Cognitive Pump: Implicit Memory and Navigating Multiple Window Interfaces
Gary L. McIsaac, M.Sc.

RASP: Robotics and Animation Simulation Platform
Gene S. Lee, M.Sc.

A Kinematic Model for Collision Response
Jason Harrison, M.Sc.

Shade from Shading
Lili Liu, M.Sc.

A Simple Model of Ship Wakes
Raza S. Khan, M.Sc.

A Programming Library for the Construction of 3-D Widgets
Tony T. C. Lau, M.Sc.

Interactive Flow Field Modeling for the Design and Control of Fluid Motion in Computer Animation
William F. Gates, M.Sc.


Shading and Inverse Shading from Direct Illumination
Pierre Poulin, Ph.D.

Microcomputers in Psychological Experimentation, Headturn: A Case Study
Brian Pidcock, M.Sc.

Simulating and Visualizing Marine Oil Spills
David van Blankenstein, M.Sc.

Illumination Models from Surface Geometry
Gang Huo, M.Sc.

An Object-Oriented Design for Hierarchical B-Spline Surfaces
Hailin Yan, M.Sc.

3D Task Performance Using Head-Coupled Stereo Displays
Kevin W. Arthur, M.Sc.

Deformable Models Using Displacement Constraints
Larry Palazzi, M.Sc.

Multi-Resolution Surface Approximation for Animation
Lifeng Wang, M.Sc.

Post-Processed Shadow Determination for Composition of Depth Images
Russell W. Krywolt, M.Sc.

The Registration of Multimodality Medical Scans
Torre D. Zuk, M.Sc.


Visualization of Multivariate Data Using Preattentive Processing
Christopher G. Healey, M.Sc.

3D Interaction Studies Using the Shape-Matching Paradigm
Stanley Jang, M.Sc.


A Visualization of an Experiment on a Shake Table
Michael Penn, M.Sc.