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4/2020 [ paper ]:

Ocupado: Visualizing Location-Based Counts Over Time Across Buildings

by Michael Oppermann and Tamara Munzner was accepted at Computer Graphics Forum (Proceedings of EuroVis 2020).

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1/2020 [ paper ]:

Data-driven Multi-level Segmentation of Image Editing Logs

by Zipeng Liu, Zhicheng Liu, and Tamara Munzner was accepted at Proc. CHI Conf. Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI).

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1/2020 [ paper ]:

The Sprawlter Graph Readability Metric: Combining Sprawl and Area-aware Clutter

by Zipeng Liu, Takayuki Itoh, Jessica Q. Dawson, and Tamara Munzner was accepted by IEEE PacificVis 2020, and awarded the Best Paper Honorable Mention. It was invited to IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (TVCG).

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10/2019 [UBC InfoVis @ IEEE VIS 2019]:

UBC InfoVis @ IEEE VIS 2019

UBC will have a strong presence at VIS 2019 in our hometown of Vancouver, British Columbia.

Tamara Munzner is celebrating a Test of Time award for her 2009 paper on the nested model, and joining the IEEE Visualization Academy as an inaugural fellow. She is also chair of the reVISe committee, which will discuss its restructuring proposal in a Town Hall Wednesday 1-2pm.

Madison Elliott is co-chair of the workshop Vis X Vision: Workshop on Novel Directions in Vision Science and Visualization Research (Sunday afternoon). Ana Crisan, newly minted Ph.D currently at Tableau as a Research Scientist, is the co-chair for the BioVis Challenges workshop (Thursday morning). Jürgen Bernard, who joined the InfoVis Group as a post-doc this summer, is co-chair of the workshop Visual Analytics in Healthcare (VAHC) (Sunday full-day). Tamara Munzner is presenting the tutorial Visualization Analysis and Design (Monday morning).

Several students within the InfoVis Group will be presenting their papers, as well as others engaged in visualization research at UBC. Zipeng Liu will present the TVCG paper "Aggregated Dendrograms for Visual Comparison Between Many Phylogenetic Trees" on the behalf of coauthors Shing Hei Zhan and Tamara Munzner. Ana Crisan is presenting the short paper she wrote with Tamara Munzner titled "Uncovering Data Landscapes through Data Reconnaissance and Task Wrangling". The short paper "OCTVis: Ontology-based Comparison of Topic Models" by Amon Ge, Hyeju Jang, Giuseppe Carenini, Kendall Ho, and Young Ji Lee will be presented during the short paper session on systems and design studies.

Our group is also co-hosting the West Coast Party at The Blackbird Public House on Thursday, Oct 24 9pm-1am.

9/2019 [farewell]:

Farewell to Ana!

Congratulations to Ana Crisan, who has successfully defended her PhD on Visualizing Heterogeneous Data in Genomic Epidemiology. She has now joined Tableau Research as a Research Scientist.

9/2019 [welcome]:

Welcome Francis!

Francis Nguyen joins the InfoVis group as a graduate student, coming from a research position at the Midwest Uncertainty Collective at Northwestern University with Jessica Hullman, and undergrad work at the University of Washington.

6/2019 [welcome]:

Welcome to Jürgen!

Jürgen Bernard is now a postdoc with InfoVis group, joining us from TU Darmstadt and Fraunhofer in Germany, where his work included visual-interactive machine learning and time-oriented data.

2/2019 [paper]:

Segmentifier: Interactive Refinement of Clickstream Data

by Kimberly Dextras-Romagnino, and Tamara Munzner was accepted at Computer Graphics Forum (Proceedings of EuroVis 2019).

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2/2019 [welcome]:

Welcome to Steve!

Steve Kasica is a graduate student in Computer Science and joins the UBC Infovis group. Steve previously worked as a professional research assistant in the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) Earth Systems Research Laboratory in Boulder, Colorado.

2/2019 [paper]:

Aggregated dendrograms for visual comparison between many phylogenetic trees

by Zipeng Liu, Shing Hei Zhan, and Tamara Munzner was accepted at IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics

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10/2018 [UBC InfoVis @ IEEE VIS 2018]:

UBC InfoVis @ IEEE VIS 2018

At the BELIV Workshop, Anamaria Crisan and Madison Elliott will present the paper "How to evaluate an evaluation study? Comparing and contrasting practices in vis with those of other disciplines".

Michael Oppermann will give a talk entitled "Uncovering Spatiotemporal Dynamics from Non-Trajectory Data" at the Urban Data Visualization Workshop.

Tamara Munzner will participate in a panel at the VisGuides Workshop.

We're co-hosting the (North) West Coast Party, on Thursday night.

8/2018 [farewell]:

Visiting Professor Takayuki Itoh

Takayuki Itoh from Ochanomizu University, Japan, was visiting our group between Jul - Aug 2018. Thanks for your visit, it was great having you here!

4/2018 [farewell]:

Farewell to Kim!

Congratulations to Kimberly Dextras-Romagnino on earning your Masters degree. We wish you all the best in your new job at Kabam.


11/2017 [panel]:

Data Visualization as a Driver for Visual Cognition Research

Tamara Munzner participated in the interdisciplinary research panel discussion Discover Pasteur's Quadrant: Four research communities that will inspire your work at OPAM 2017

The panel was organized by Vis X Vision to inspire cross-disciplinary perspectives for innovative, applicable, and fundable research at the intersection of visualization and vision science!

[slides] [ visxvision]

10/2017 [panel]:

Reflection on Reflection in Design Studies

This year at IEEE VIS 17, Tamara Munzner speaks at the panel Reflection on Reflection in Design Studies, Oct 5 @ 4:15 PM.
Other speakers on the panel are Jason Dykes, Miriah Meyer, Heidi Lam, Nathalie Henry Riche, Remco Chang, and Petra Isenberg.

[preview video]

9/2017 [farewell]:

Farewell to Dylan!

Congratulations to Dylan Dong on earning your Masters degree. We wish you all the best in your new job at The Sky Guys in Toronto.

8/2017 [Paper, Honorable Mention]:

Bridging From Goals to Tasks with Design Study Analysis Reports

by Heidi Lam, Melanie Tory, and Tamara Munzner was awarded a Best Paper Honorable Mention at InfoVis 2017, and will be published in the special issue of IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (TVCG). It will be presented at VIS 2017 in Phoenix, Arizona.

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8/2017 [welcome]:

Welcome to Michael!

Michael Oppermann joins the UBC Infovis group as a new PhD student. He previously earned a Dipl-Ing at the University of Vienna VDA group with Michael Sedlmair and Torsten Möller.


12/2016 [farewell]:

Farewell to Georges!

Many members of the infovis reading group at a farewell dinner for visiting graduate student Georges Hattab, who returns to Bielefeld.

10/23-28 2016 [VIS 2016]:

UBC InfoVis @ IEEE VIS 2016

At BELIV 2016, Ana Crisan presents a paper On Regulatory and Organizational Constraints in Visualization Design and Evaluation and Tamara Munzner speaks at the panel On the Future of Evaluation and BELIV. Tamara also speaks on the VIS panel Pathways for Theoretical Advances in Visualization, and offers her tutorial on Visualization Analysis and Design. We're co-hosting the 6th annual West Coast Party.

10/2016 [paper]:

Timelines Revisited: A Design Space and Considerations for Expressive Storytelling

by Matthew Brehmer, Bongshin Lee, Benjamin Bach, Nathalie Henry Riche, and Tamara Munzner was accepted to IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (TVCG). Matthew will present this paper at VIS 2017 in Phoenix, Arizona.

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10/2016 [talk]:

Computation + Journalism 2016 Keynote

Tamara Munzner's keynote talk, Visualization and Journalism: Four Vignettes, at Computation + Journalism, Sep 30 - Oct 1 2016 at Stanford.


06/2016 [talks]:

Information+ Keynote, Lightning Talks

Tamara Munzner gave a keynote talk entitled Visualization Analysis and Design at Information+, June 16 - 18, 2016 in Vancouver BC, Canada.

Also at Information+, recent group alum Johanna Fulda gave a lightning talk entitled What’s up with Data Journalism in Canada? and visiting PhD student Georges Hattab gave a lightning talk on A Mnemonic Card Game for your Amino Acids, which also appeared in the Information+ Exhibition at Emily Carr University of Art + Design.

[conference website + registration details]

05/2016 [poster]:


PaperQuest: A Visualization Tool to Support Literature Review, a poster by Antoine Ponsard, Francisco "Pax" Escalona, and Tamara Munzner was accepted at ACM CHI 2016, May 7 - 12, 2016, in San Jose CA, USA.

[PaperQuest CHI Extended Abstract][PaperQuest prototype]

04/2016 [talk]:

IEEE PacificVis 2016 Keynote

Tamara Munzner gave a keynote talk entitled Visualization Analysis and Design at IEEE PacificVis 2016, April 19 - 22, 2016, in Taipei, Taiwan.

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03/2016 [thesis]:

Why Visualization? Task Abstraction for Analysis and Design

Matthew Brehmer successfully defended his PhD dissertation.

[thesis website]

02/2016 [seminar]:

Dagstuhl Seminar #16061: Data-Driven Storytelling

Matthew Brehmer attended a Dagstuhl seminar on Data-Driven Storytelling between February 7th and 12th along with a great group of researchers, designers, and journalists. A book on data-driven storytelling, written collaboratively by the seminar participants, is forthcoming.

[seminar homepage]

02/16/2016 [podcast]:

PolicyViz #32: Teaching Data Visualization

Jon Schwabish talks with Tamara Munzner, Marti Hearst (University of California, Berkeley), Eytan Adar (University of Michigan), and Robert Kosara (Tableau Software) about best practices, ideas, experiences, and different approaches to teaching data visualization.


02/05/2016 [new course]:

Information Visualization for Journalists

Students at the UBC School of Journalism gained hands-on experience of data visualization in a new elective offered for the first time this year by Tamara Munzner. In this course, students developed fundamental data visualization concepts and skills, including wrangling, interpreting and presenting data in a journalistic context.

[Course Site][UBC Graduate School of Journalism News]

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