Steve Kasica: Portfolio


Interactive articles, gists, and full-blown applications made with software.

Science On a Sphere REST API A public web service for accessing more than 500 datasets visualizing weather and climate data, currated by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. This project was built with Python and MySQL while working as a web software engineer at ESRL.

National Energy with Weather Systems Dashboard A dashboard for displaying model output from cost-optimized configurations of variable electric power generators using weather data. This project was built with D3 while working at ESRL.

Unsplash Photos of the Year Puzzle This game creates a puzzle out of a randomally selected image from Unsplash's Photos of the Year 2017 collection using the HTML Drag and Drop API.

Snapbot Sightings An automated email notification system for Snapbot sightings, built in JavaScript on the Google Apps Script platform.

Science On a Sphere Dataset Catalog A faceted-search web application for browsing more than 500 weather and climate datasets currated by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Built with JavaScript while working at ESRL.


Profiles, news briefs, and stories written (mostly) when I was working as a print journalist.

In Chase for Wins, a Runner Cheats While on assignment for The New York Times, I profiled Christian Hesch, a runner, who said he used a banned substance to recover form an injury. Then he kept winning.

Solving Bomb Lab Phase 2 A kind-of-clever, show-offy solution to Phase 2 of CMU's Bomb Lab, which utilizes integer overflow in a valid solution with negative integers.

Stranahan's Snowflake Whiskey Snowflake--a limited-batch whiskey from the Stranahan distillery in Denver, Colo.--is so coveted that hundreds of people wait for hours in sub-zero temperatures just for a bottle. Written while at Outside Magazine.

Rafters Protest Grand Canyon Shutdown Rafting permit holders protest when blocked from entering the Grand Canyon during the 2013 federal government shutdown, written while at Outside Magazine.

The "Slacker" prodigy: Mason wins at 14 My article on 14-year-old Alex "The Machine" Mason winning the slacklining event at the 2012 Teva Mountain Games, written while at The Vail Daily.

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