CPSC 534P: Schedule

Week of: Monday Wednesday
September 5/7 No class - Labour Day Introduction & class outline
Rachel presents and leads discussion
September 12/14 Introduction to databases (part 1)
Preliminary slides for next two classes
Rachel presents and leads discussion
Homework 1: design a database for your data
Introduction to databases (part 2)
Rachel presents and leads discussion
September 19/21 Data integration (slides)
Rachel presents and leads discussion
Homework 1 due
Peer data management systems
Melsa presents
Simona leads discussion
September 26/28 Data spaces
Alex presents
Rahul leads discussion
Project: 1-page proposal due.
Rachel out of town - no class
October 3/5 Data warehousing/ETL
Shailendra presents
Melsa leads discussion
Schema evolution
Rahul presents
Mahsa leads discussion
October 10/12 Thanksgiving Day - no class Model Management 1.0
Rolf presents
Ian leads discussion
October 17/19 Schema matching
Simona presents
Lan leads discussion
Schema mapping/query discovery
Baipeng presents
Shu leads discussion
October 24/26 Schema merging
Shu presents
Baipeng leads discussion
Project: midterm report due.
Ontology merging/aligning
Lillian and Reza present
Shailendra leads discussion
October 31/November 2 Changing from one data model to another
Pei presents
Charles leads discussion
Schema/mapping composition
Jillian presents
Pei leads discussion
November 7/9 Model Management 2.0
Wei presents
Lillian and Reza lead discussion
Rachel out of town - no class
November 14/16 Provenance
Ian presents
Wei leads discussion
Lan presents
Jillian leads discussion
November 21/23 Student request potpourri: Privacy
Mahsa presents
Alex leads discussion
Student request potpourri: metadata in map reduce
Charles presents
Rolf leads discussion
November 28/30 Project reports:
Charles and Melsa
Project reports:
Baipeng, Mahsa, and Shu
Final project due Monday, December 5 at 5pm

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