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DbTalks: Summer 2006

Contact: Jie Zhao, Shaofeng Bu

Summer 2006 DB-Talks : DB-Talks is a weekly meeting to discuss research in databases (and more broadly data management and data mining). It is scheduled every Tuesday 1:00pm-2:00pm in ICICS/CS 304. The papers to be discussed or presented will be posted/updated in this page. We welcome everyone interested in database-related area come and join our discussion.


    Date  Topics Leader/Presenter Detail
    May 09

     1)Context-sensitive ranking.Rakesh Agrawal,Ralf Rantzau,Evimaria Terzi; 2)Effective Keyword Search in Relational Databases. Fang Liu,Clement Yu,Weiyi Meng,Abdur Chowdhury.

    Bertrand Low Jie Zhao


    May 16

     1)Database Support for Matching: Limitations and Opportunities,Ameet Kini , Srinath Shankar, Jeffrey Naughton, David DeWitt.

    Xiaodong Zhou


    May 23

     1)Graph-Based Synopses for Relational Selectivity Estimation, Joshua Spiegel, Neoklis Polyzotis. 2)Supporting Ad-hoc Ranking Aggregates, Chengkai Li et,al

    Hongrae Lee, Jian Xu

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