The Friday Afternoon DB Talks
The University of British Columbia
Vancouver, BC

Here is the schedule for Fall 2001. Send mail to if you would like to go on/off the mailing list.

When: Fridays 4:00-5:00 p.m.

Where: CICSR Rm. 202.

E-commerce Systems -- A Case Study
Date Topic Moderator References
October 26 Semi-structured Data Laks S. Abiteboul ICDT'97 &
  and XML   D. Suciu SIGMOD Record,
November 2 Algebra for XML Laks H.V. Jagadish et al.
      The TAX paper, DBPL'01
November 9 Latent Semantic Indexing Nando Landauer LSI paper
November 16 Page Rank stuff Nando S. Brin et al.,
      The google paper
November 23 Challenges in Building Next Generation Subbu N. Subramanian Abstract
  e-Commerce Systems -- A Case Study (invited speaker) Bio
November 30 What is This Page Known for? Davood Rafiei Abstract
  Computing Web Page Reputations (invited speaker) Bio
December 7 Querying images Raymond The QBIC paper
December 14 ... ... ...


Semi-structured Data and XML

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XML algebra

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Probabilistic LSI

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7. Nando de Freitas and Kobus Barnard. Bayesian Latent Semantic Analysis of Multimedia Databases. UBC TR-2001-15.

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