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DbTalks: Winter Term 1, 2007 (September - December)

Contact: Shaofeng Bu

Winter 2007 DB-Talks : DB-Talks is a weekly meeting to discuss research in databases (and more broadly data management and data mining). It is currently scheduled every Wednesday 2:00pm-3:00pm in ICICS/CS 202 (subject to change). The papers to be discussed or presented will be posted/updated in this page. We welcome everyone interested in database-related area come and join our discussion.

To get updates from db-talk, send an email to with "subscribe db-talks" in the body.


 1) social networking
 2) intelligent queries/approximate queries
 3) information extraction to form schemas
what are we teaching the undergrads

Paper List


Time Content Presenter Files
Oct. 3 Summarization of Evaluative Text

Abstract: In this talk, we give an overview of our framework for summarizing evaluative text. Examples of evaluative text include
customer reviews and travel blogs. We discuss how to extract features and other relevant pieces of information from natural language text. We overview two ways of generating natural language summaries. Finally, we show how the extracted information and summaries can be displayed.

Raymond Ng N/A
Oct.10 MSc. Thesis Presentation:

Ontology Alignment in the Presence of a Domain Ontology

(Room: CS206)

Andrew Carbonetto  


MSc. Thesis Presentation:

Summarizing User Action Sequences With Data Analysis

Bertrand Low  
Oct.24 No presentation today: Lab Photos@x415.x410,2:00pm-3:00pm    
Oct.31 Multi-Probe LSH: Efficient Indexing for High-Dimensional Similarity Search. Qin Lv, et al. Hongrae Lee paper
Nov.7 Indexing dataspaces. Xin Dong, Alon Y. Halevy Michael Lawrence paper
Nov.14 No DB-talk    
Nov.21 Security in Outsourcing of Association Rule Mining. W.K.Wong, et al. Shaofeng Bu paper
Nov.28 NO DB-talk    
Dec.5 Robust and Efficient Fuzzy Match for Online Data Cleaning. Surajit Chaudhrui et,al. Sigmod 2003 Jian Xu paper


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