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DbTalks: Spring 2005

Contact: Ganesh Ramesh, Elaine Chang

Spring 2005 DB Talks: The DB Talks this term will be a mixture of discussion and presentations. The papers to be discussed or presented will be posted/updated in this page. We will meet between 4 and 5 p.m on fridays in CICSR 304 this term.


    Date Paper Title Leader Detail

    Jan 21

    Jan 28

    Piazza: Mediation and Integration Infrastructure for Semantic Web Data Terrence Ho Link

    Feb 11

    1. Privacy Preserving Data Mining (SIGMOD 2000)

    2. On the Design and Quantification of Privacy Preserving Data Mining Algorithms (PODS 2001)

    Ganesh Ramesh



    Feb 18 Master's Thesis Presentation Zheng (Jessica) Zhao Link
    Mar 04

    Xiaodong's Practice Talk for SAC 2005

    Discovery and Regeneration of Hidden Emails

    Xiaodong Zhou Link
    Mar 18

    Adapting to Source Properties in Processing Data Integration Queries

    by Zachary G. Ives, Alon Halevy, Daniel S. Weld , SIGMOD 2004

    Shuan Wang Link
    Mar 24

    Similarity Search for Web Services

    by Xin Dong, Alon Halevy et. al.

    REVISED TIME: 3:30 P.M in CICSR 202

    Ting Wang Link
    Apr 1

    Meeting with Bill Aiello and Gregor Kiczales - may not be of interest to students

    Apr 8

    General discussion of DB-talks, lab issues, and plan for reading of SIGMOD/PODS papers

    See the list of SIGMOD and PODS papers. Papers highlighted in green are suggested papers for which we know that the papers are available. Papers highlighted in yellow are suggested papers for which we may be able to get the paper, but currently don't have it. You should, however, feel free to pick any paper that you're interested in, however, papers highlighted in red have already been taken and cannot be taken again.
    Apr 15

    The first of the SIGMOD/PODS short discussions:

    Bertrand - "Reference Reconciliation in Complex Information Spaces"

    Xiaodong - Tributaries and Deltas: Efficient and Robust Aggregation in Sensor Network Streams - Postponed to next week

    Ganesh - "Incognito - Efficient Full-Domain K-Anonymity" -

    Apr 22 SIGMOD/PODS discussions continue:

    Shaofeng - "TriCluster: An Effective Algorithm for Mining coherent clusters in 3D Microarray Data"

    Xiaodong - Tributaries and Deltas: Efficient and Robust Aggregation in Sensor Network Streams - Postponed from previous week

    Apr 29 SIGMOD/PODS discussions continue:

    Mingyue - "CURLER: Finding and Visualizing Nonlinear Correlated Clusters"

    Qiang - "Page Quality: In Search of an Unbiased Web Ranking"

    May 13 SIGMOD/PODS discussions continue:

    Wendy - "Security Analysis of Cryptographically Controlled Access to XML Documents"

    Jie - "Guaranteeing Correctness and Availability in P2P Range Indices"

    May 20 SIGMOD/PODS discussions continue:

    Elaine - "Enterprise Information Integration: Successes, Challenges and Controversies"

    Terence - "XML Data Exchange: Consistency and Query Answering"


Last Update: May 4, 2005  

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