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DB Talks: Spring 2010 (January - May)

Contact: Jian Xu

Spring 2010 DB-Talks : DB-Talks is a weekly meeting for people in the DMM lab and those interested in database research to discuss their current research, ideas and papers. It is scheduled every Friday 1pm-2pm in ICICS/CS 206 We welcome everyone interested in database-related area come and join our discussions.

DMM lab members will present research papers and their current research in the meeting. This term papar presentations first focus on the scheme of "Cloud and web scale computing in Database". We also hold short "Paper recommentdation" sessions for each paticipator to recommend good research papers to other people in the room. The list of recommended papers is maintained in the following link.
The list of Recommended papers by DMM members
Please contact Jian Xu about the papers you want to recommend so we keep this list growing.

For talks, the title and relavent files will be published in this page around 3-5 before the talk. Check back and find out what we will be discussing in the next db-talk!


Date Topic Presenter Files
Oct, 8 2009 Paper recommendation talk DMM members link
Oct, 29 2009 Halloween Pumpkin Carving Pumpkins
Nov, 12 2009 Autocompletion with fuzzy matching Hongrae Lee ---
Nov, 26th 2009 Research Discussion: Decompositional aggregation query and PDMS on Grid Jian Xu Slides
Dec, 3rd 2009 Research Discussion: Building taxonomies from collaborative tagging systems and text data Ali Moosavi ---
Dec, 10th 2009 Data Coordination Michael Lawrence ---
Jan, 22nd 2010 Ranking approximate answers to regular path queries Prof. Peter Wood Abstract
Jan, 29th 2010 Learning Influence Probabilities in Social Network Amit Goyal paper
Feb, 5th 2010 A walk in cloud Jian Xu slides
Feb, 12th 2010 Discussion : Map-Reduce in cloud and DB Amit Goyal and Hongrae Amit's survey, M-R paper
March, 5th 2010 Paper presentation : DryadLINQ Zhaohong Chen
March, 12th 2010 Size Estimation of Approximate Predicates in Text Databases Hongrae Lee ---
April, 9th 2010 Conceptual Integration Model Dibesh Shakya ---


Last Update: October, 21, 2009  

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