University of British Columbia

Department of Computer Science

CPSC 502: Artificial Intelligence I

Fall 2006


This course is designed to be a "breadth" introduction to artificial intelligence. It will make a broad coverage of modern AI. It is suitable for those with no background AI, or with one undergraduate course in AI. It is designed for computer science students, but is also suitable for cognitive science students or those with some familiarity with algorithms, complexity, logic, probability....

Topics Covered



The tentative grading scheme is as follows:



We will use selected chapters from the forthcoming second edition of Poole, Mackworth and Goebel, Computational Intelligence (OUP, 1998) we are writing (available from a secure web site) and sections from Russell and Norvig, Artificial Intelligence : A Modern Approach, 2nd edn (Prentice-Hall, 2003) as the basis for certain background material.

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