CPSC 502 -- Artificial Intelligence I
Course Project

David Poole

October 2006

A major component of CPSC 502 will be presentations by students of current research. The last 5 lectures of the class will be presented by students. You will also produce written surveys that will be distributed to the class.

In particular, you should:

You will have to submit a number of copies of your survey paper, and will be expected to review a number of papers. The exact number of papers and reviews depends on the number of groups. Reviewing will be done individually. Reviewers will be confidential (i.e., the reviewers will know the authors, but the authors will not know who reviewed your paper). I will know who reviewed what papers, and reviewing will be a component in the final grade. I will distribute the review form before the papers are due.

One way to get ideas is to start looking through the course readings on certain topics - don't wait until we get to the middle or end of the course, for instance, to look at the articles on planning or decision theory. Skim through all the course material keeping an eye open for something that looks interesting to you. Even if it's just a general topic or area, it will provide you with pointers to the literature on related issues (so will I, so make sure you talk with me early and often).

David Poole