John E. Lloyd, Ph. D.
Research Engineer, CS and Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of British Columbia

Please note that I haven't been paying much attention to this page lately ...

Currently ...

Principal software developer for the ArtiSynth project.

Previous Projects ...

System developer and research scientist for the UBC Active Measurement Facility (ACME).

ACME homepage

Programming contact tasks using virtual reality simulation

Professional Info ...

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Other things ...

Contact Info

Other John Lloyds (in case I'm not the one you're looking for); page courteously maintained by yet another John Lloyd in Virgina.

Travels and other adventures ...

Downloadable Software ...

Printf and scanf for Java

Robust 3D convex hull algorithm in Java

Command line argument parsing for Java programs

Java implementation of V-Clip: Collision Detection and Distance Computation for Polyhedra

Singularity Robust Trajectory Generator

RCCL (the Robot Control C Library)