Robust Trajectory Generation At Singularities

We have recently created an algorithm for generating feaible trajectories along fixed paths at any type of kinematic singularity. The algorithm uses coordinate pivoting, in which the path timing is generated locally with respect to whichever joint coordinate is changing the fastest. This allows the handling of situtations where the local path speed is zero but some joint velocities are non-zero, such as at self-motion singularities.

A C++ implementation of this algorithm is available free of charge for non-commercial research and academic purposes. The software is contained within a stripped-down version of our LIbrary for MAnipulation package (LIMA), which is currently under development.

To obtain the software, download LIMA.

After you unpack the software, you compile it by setting a few environment variables and running the command "make libs", as described in the README file. You need GNU make to do this. Currently supported systems include Linux, Sparc/Solaris, and Intel/Solaris.

After compiling the software, you can examine the sample programs simpleExamp or testbed in the directory src/singrobust. There is a separate README file for that directory as well.

Please note that the software is still quite new. Feel free to email with bug reports or suggestions for improvement.

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