CPSC 303: Numerical Approximation and Discretization

2016/2017 Winter Term 2 (January-April 2017)

MWF 12-1pm, Dempster (DMP) 301

The handin command

All codes for CPSC 303 will be handed in electronically (in addition to the hard copy assignment of your code and output) using the handin command. Handin is accessible from any undergrad or department Linux machine. If you want to handing in from home, see the end of this page. In order to use handin, you must place all the files for the given assignment in the directory whose name is:


where X is the assignment number (so, replace asgnX by asgn2 for assignment 2, and so on).

For instance, student e3a3 would first create a directory called cs303 in his/her home directory by typing the following commands at the prompt in the Xterm window:

cd ; mkdir cs303

He/she would then create the asgn2 subdirectory by typing the commands

cd ; mkdir cs303/asgn2

After placing the files containing his/her solutions for assignment 2 in the directory


created in the previous steps, the student would then run the handin command while in his/her home directory:

handin cs303 asgn2

After you have submitted your assignment, you are strongly advised to always verify that the handin was successful using the -c option to handin.

handin -c cs303 asgn2

If you want to overwrite an already submitted copy of your assignment, you can do it using the -o option:

handin -o cs303 asgn2

Please make sure that files required for the given assignment are in the working directory before using handin. We strongly recommend that you submit your work well in advance of the deadline, even if it is not yet finished, and then overwrite the submission regularly until you are ready to handin the final copy. This will prevent you from getting in trouble if your computer or the network connection dies right before you submit your assignment. Note that you can not overwrite your submission after the assignment deadline has passed, unless you use one of your three late homeworks.

For every assignment, you should hand in:

Handing in from home?

The best way is to ftp your files to your undergrad Unix account, log into that account from home, and run the handin program as described above.