Frank Wood

Dr. Frank Wood
Associate Professor
Canada CIFAR AI Chair, Mila institute
Google Scholar: Recent, Cited

2366 Main Mall #201
Vancouver, BC
V6T 1Z4

frank_wood (Skype)

Selected recent papers

  1. T.A. Le, Igl, M., Jin, T., Rainforth, T., & Wood, F. (2018). Auto-Encoding Sequential Monte Carlo. ICLR. BIB PDF
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  2. Baydin, G., Cornish, R., Martinez-Rubio, D., Schmidt, M., & Wood, F. (2018). Online Learning Rate Adaptation with Hypergradient Descent. ICLR. BIB PDF
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  3. Siddarth, N., Paige, B., Desmaison, A., van de Meent, J. W., Goodman, N., Kohli, P., … Torr, P. H. S. (2017). Learning Disentangled Representations with Semi-Supervised Deep Generative Models. In NIPS. BIB PDF
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  4. Le, T. A., Baydin, A. G., & Wood, F. (2017). Inference Compilation and Universal Probabilistic Programming. In AISTATS. BIB PDF
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  5. Paige, B., & Wood, F. (2016). Inference Networks for Sequential Monte Carlo in Graphical Models. In ICML (Vol. 48). BIB PDF
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Prospective students

I am always looking for excellent, academically-motivated, AI-inspired PhD students. Please visit the departmental web page for prospective students to apply. An excellent strategy for getting an offer to work with me is to propose research in your proposal that extends and explicitly cites recent work of my own. Better still, working with me beforehand is a major leg up.


I am constantly looking for postdocs with strong programming languages, statistics, and applied machine learning skills. Please contact me directly.


I was one of the initial developers of the Anglican probabilistic programming language and am active in ensuring its continued maintenance.