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- HCI Learning Studio (X360) --- 2015W2 usage schedule
Ampel/ICICS Graduate Student Machine Shop [Jan 2015: access info to be updated by late Jan]
- 543 bibliography [also see sidebar]
- ethics approval for 543 [Jan 2015: being updated]

- technical background

- More resources (twiki: student contributions welcomed):

  • Haptic Sketching
  • Where to Buy Stuff
  • Insipration and Information
technical information and background
author, product or subject
Perry Cook (Princeton) Basic Circuits  
Dan O'Sullivan & Tom Igo (NYU) Physical Computing Textbook - available for loan from MacLean
Bill Putnam (Stanford/CCRMA) Input/Data Acquisition System Design for Human Computer Interfacing Basic foundational information / vocabulary about I/O systems - most of this doesn't change.
MicroMo Motor and Gearhead Basics (application notes)
DC Motor Application Considerations (link)
a thorough and readable overview of how DC PM motors work, and how to specify one.
RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)

Texas Instruments (formerly TIRIS)

Source of information for antennas, readers, tags.
Piezos MSIUSA Information about piezos and what you can do with them.
numerical analysis, controls and modeling
These are mainly Matlab tutorials. Matlab is extremely useful for modeling and understanding the physical systems you're trying to render haptically; Simulink is great for modeling and prototyping the control when it gets at all complex. Matlab is available on many CS department machines. Google for many more and recent tutorials on any topic.
Ed Colgate, Northwestern Matlab Primer for getting started
U Mich / CMU Mechanical Engineering Controls Tutorials and Modeling Tutorials for Matlab and Simulink modeling & controls tutorials for matlab newbies (and others who possibly want a refresher)...

resource lists
Brooke's sensors page sensor resources amazing list of every kind of sensor technology you've ever heard of, including links to every company that makes them.


physical user interface design and evaluation 2015/16 W2 -- MacLean