Corpus of Graphical-Textual Presentations

Giuseppe Carenini - 97


What this corpus is not


The Corpus is organized in categories that are not mutually exclusive or complete (i.e some presentations belong to more than one category and you may easily discover new presentations that do not fit in any category). As soon as the work on presentational goals will reach a stable state, the corpus will be reorganized, probably the "argumentation categories" will be restructured to include most of the presentations.

If you find anything wrong, confusing, interesting etc. please send your comments to . A sample presentation is uniquely identified by the last number in its identifier. We are also interested in any new presentation you might find that can be added to the corpus.

For AB group (Pitt-CMU):  * indicates that the design might not be possible in x-SAGE (please send me comments about this judgement).


Interesting graphic designs

Interesting combination of graphic and text

Maps (very preliminary)

Graphical annotations (more to be included, Vibhu is also working on this now)


to do: all the ones form Economics (E)