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University of British Columbia

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Beamish, T., MacLean, K., Fels, S. (2004). "Manipulating Music: Multimodal Interaction for DJs." in Proceedings of ACM SIGCHI (CHI 2004), Vienna, Austria, 2004.
In this paper we consider the general goal of supporting physical manipulation of digital audio in a specific context: the performance disk jockey (DJ) seeking to migrate from vinyl to digital media. We classify both the DJ's traditional processes and tools and the field's newest technology.D'Groove, our own technological contribution, is a force feedback turntable used to manipulate digital audio in novel ways. We present an observational study of professional DJ's using D'Groove, and discuss this approach's attributes and directions for future augmentation. Finally, we extend our conclusions about the DJ's emerging needs to the broader domain of digital audio manipulation.
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