Sensory Perception & Interaction Research Group

University of British Columbia

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Brouwer, I., MacLean, K., Hodgson, A. (2003). "Price-Quality Trade-Offs in Haptic Interfaces for Simulation of Laparoscopic Surgery" (Poster). Poster presentation at Medicine Meets Virtual Reality Conference, January 22-25 2003, Newport Beach, California USA.
This project aims to determine quantitatively which haptic (force-feedback) device design parameters have the most influence on surgical performance, and how much they can be degraded before a significant deviation in surgical performance can be observed. From this we can provide a functional specification for the most economical device sufficient for the particular laparoscopic tasks studied. In the longer term, we are seeking to generalize our results so that we can infer design specifications for interfaces for arbitrary environments from a small set of standard tasks.
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