Sensory Perception & Interaction Research Group

University of British Columbia

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Seifi, H., and MacLean, K.E., “VibViz: Organizing, visualizing and navigating vibration libraries,” in Proc. of IEEE WorldHaptics (WHC'15), Chicago, pp. 6 pages, 2015.
With haptics now common in consumer devices, diversity in tactile perception and aesthetic preferences confound haptic designers. End-user customization out of example sets is an obvious solution, but haptic collections are notoriously difficult to explore. This work addresses the provision of easy and highly navigable access to large, diverse sets of vibrotactile stimuli, on the premise that multiple access pathways facilitate discovery and engagement. We propose and examine five disparate organization schemes (taxonomies), describe how we created a 120-item library with diverse functional and affective characteristics, and present VibViz, an interactive tool for end-user library navigation and our own investigation of how different taxonomies can assist navigation. An exploratory user study with and of VibViz suggests that most users gravitate towards an organization based on sensory and emotional terms, but also exposes rich variations in their navigation patterns and insights into the basis of effective haptic library navigation.
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