Sensory Perception & Interaction Research Group

University of British Columbia

The Calmer project (Liisa Holsti and Karon MacLean) is featured in a Research in 90sec’s podcast (by Sayra Cristancho)!

Preeti Vyas is the ICMI 2021 SV co-chair!

Karon MacLean will be delivering a keynote address at ICMI 2021 (International Conf on Multimodal Interaction),

Preeti Vyas receives the Graduate TA Award from UBC Computer Science for 2021

Congratulations to Preeti!

 "What's in a name? Issues in Triangulating Self-Reported Emotion to Establish Trustable Labels" paper accepted at CHI '21  Workshop on Momentary Emotion Elicitation and Ca

 "Accountability-Aware Design of Voice User Interfaces for Home Appliances" accepted at GI21!

 "FoldMold: Automating Papercraft for Fast DIY Casting of Scalable Curved Shapes" accepted at GI21!

Dr. Karon MacLean's DFP@UBC Seminar on Emotional robots and magical objects

Dr. Karon MacLean is mentioned on the eight Women in Robotics list!
CHI 2020 Best Paper awarded to "Designing and Evaluating Calmer, a Device for Simulating Maternal Skin-to-Skin Holding for Premature Infants"